Hollows Meaning

At some point in your life, you might have to remove something that's causing you problems, or that uses a great deal of your energy. Turning to hollows might be needed if you see a thing that's sucking your power or somebody that has dark energies because lightworkers oftentimes do not work in the dark or dark energies.

Within the world of esoteric methods and in certain traditions of dark magic or occultism, the phrase "hollow spirits" is frequently used to refer to entities or energies that exist inside a void or limbo state. They're viewed as neither good nor evil but may be altered for a variety of functions, but there's one rule as a lightworker, you ask for assistance from a hollow if it's actually for the greater good.

For dark magic, hollow spirits are often called upon to help with spells or rituals, or even for spiritually seasoned people, these may be utilized simply by the mind to assist in a situation. This belief is based on the perception that these spirits possess the possibility to impact subtle aspects of the actual physical world or maybe the minds of individuals. I think that because they're considered "hollow" or without any particular purpose or alignment, they can be summoned for ill or good by the individual calling them, though we must always make an effort to utilize these shadow spirits for the greater good.

To talk to or summon hollow spirits, one would use particular rituals, incantations, and symbolic items thought to have a relationship with the spirit community. In dark magic, the involvement of hollow spirits is usually directed at achieving harmony in daily life, exacting revenge, manipulating events or people, or attaining private gain. There is no scientific evidence to allow for the presence of hollow spirits or their capability to affect the world. The risks involved, whether mental, cultural, or spiritual, aren't without warning, and many individuals aren't prepared to engage in this kind of practice. There are instances when this risk has to be taken for the sake of peace in life, as I've mentioned before.

What exactly does Hollows mean spiritually?

As I've talked about before, the idea of Hollows in spiritual terms frequently revolves around representation as entities that reside inside non-ordinary worlds of spirit as well as sacred power. Usually, hollows are connected with mythology as well as symbolism concerning trees, especially in how they're viewed as conduits for spiritual power, tying different aspects of existence together.

The tree of life, also referred to as the celestial column or the world tree, is a recurring motif in several mythologies in addition to religious systems. From my readings, it's commonly referred to as a cosmic axis that runs through the middle of the world, connecting the earth, and heaven underworld. In this way, the hollows inside trees might be utilized to be viewed as an elevator, which could carry spirits between these realms.

In terms of spiritual meaning, trees having hollow cores tend to be associated with number seven, which in a lot of religions is significant and also represents rest, safety, and perfection. This particular number also corresponds to the concept of 7 levels of spiritualism or heaven, and the trees are believed to encapsulate this particular idea by providing a bridge over different planes of existence, hollowed trees act as portals.

In this particular context, hollows imply a haven of pure attention, a location where human beings are protected from possession, mainly because the tree embodies such a sacred purity of space. They're ethereal and natural areas where you may get in touch with higher states of spirituality.

In a nutshell, hollows invoke images of transformation, and sacred passage along with a heightened state of religious resonance which not only connects numerous worlds but also indicates a strong inner awakening.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2024