Hiving Off

Hiving Off

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Usually a process when a coven becomes too large to sustain itself and one or more of the group will branch out and create their own coven.

This process can be a happy circumstance where the two covens will still come together and work side by side with celebrations but the teachings and inner workings of the coven are done separately or as a more malicious action when people leave the coven to go make their own new group and the two are then separate groups.

How To Start A Coven  - Hiving Off

In a Wiccan world, a Coven is a gathering or community of witches which is composed of believers who come together to perform ceremonies of worship like Esbats, Magick, Sabbats, rituals. Though the idea of covens has some basic similarities, Covens in most cases operate differently as they are individual Witches who stand within their circles. That is why individuals have to think seriously before entering any Coven as it is not a light matter. A member is supposed to know that the Coven takes an obligation of each member, personal devotion to self and the group, and continuous hard work. 

Finding a good Coven is also not easy and it might take years before one gets a Coven that is right for them. It depends on from individual to individual with some Witches taking a shorter time while others take several years before locating what is right for them in terms of a Coven. Those who take long decide to be solitaries, for years before considering enlisting with a Coven. Others decide to try several Covens of different traditions before deciding on the one to join. Even after joining, there is not always a guarantee that the Coven’s relationship with the member will last forever.

Over the years, there has been an influx of several people joining the Wicca tradition, thereby creating a shortage for training high priestess and priests. This has forced more people to develop their own groups without even having the formal training within the craft calling the group Covens while in the real sense, they don’t qualify to be called so. The failure of the training by these people due to lack of a high priest or priestess is what makes them not to qualify to be called Covens.

When a Witch is looking for a prospective Coven member, they are supposed to evaluate themselves first and the head of the Coven by asking questions. The way the leaders of the Coven answers the questions will allow one to know if they will be comfortable working with the group or not. Names and places are normally kept secret even after hiving but they will definitely say if they were trained or not.

Coven Hiving

From ancient times, Covens come into existence after a hiving from a founding group or sometimes referred to as a mother. When a priestess or a priest are good enough and are deemed to be adequate to run a group, they are given a go ahead by the high priestess or high priest to break away and form their own Coven. To hive within a group of study and degree it is believed that the priest or priestess has reached the third degree. The adult Witches who have reached the third degree can hive off to begin their own Coven. A hiving off for those prepared comes with new responsibilities and excitement which is gigantic. The new group and leader are learning and this means that the leader doesn’t have all the answers for their group, it is a learning process.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 3, 2017