Higher Self

Higher Self

Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

A non-physical form that is considered the true self or sometimes referred to as the self-conscious self.

The higher self is often referred to the higher genius or the ‘perfect you’. This form is the way that a human being is designed initially – before the body, mind, and physical form. The higher self is the most enlightened state and often witches and pagans will work to attain this form.

High magick uses concepts and rituals with guidance from Divine and working through holy guardian angels to access the higher self. While it is a form that man’s image is created, the higher self is still outside of your body.

Keter – the location above your crown chakra – is where the higher self-resides. It can take many years of work magically, spiritually, and physically to attain the higher self. It is the source of the great work or the goal that one tries to reach.

How To Discover Your Higher Self

In order to practice psychic powers, there are simple steps and learn to use inner power. Everyone has their own psychic ability and it comes in different forms with some it is as natural as breathing, others release it as simple as doing a simple task while others have left it lying dormant inside them. It is believed that, somewhere down the line, it will come a time when the self-realization will come upon someone and they will be able to release that which they are holding deep inside themselves and when that time comes, there will be no turning back. Someone magic wand can be bought, made, or metaphorically, but has to start with a thought. The first magic step to take to enhance higher self-power is by dedicating to the practice of re-discovering self

Sacred Space

Once one has discovered the psychic ability, they are to get a quiet place, one may find where one is not disturbed and somewhere the practice will be dedicated. This will be the sacred space where one will create a comfortable, ambient environment for themselves. Something for sitting on will be needed; something which will make the participant be comfortable. A lamp and a desk or a small table will be necessary so that it be used to hold the candle in an appropriate holder and the incense during the process of discovering the higher self.

Higher Power As Related To Emotional Energy

The body is said to be divided into Soul, the physical and the spirit. Each of the three parts has several aspects within them with the soul being the emotional part. It is believed that the emotional body can be allegedly read by psychics along with Aura which is at times referred to as the other self and the one which fills the gap between the soul and the physical body.

It is believed that, the emotional energy which is normally achieved without the guidance from the higher power. In Wicca, a circle is cast to keep the negative energies away and to contain the positive energy within the circle. The elements are called then the god of the participant. Regardless of the amount of energy raised, the work is under the guidance of applicable Deities. By calling the Elements the participant is awakening them in their own spirit, then guidance and later the ritual is performed.

If the deities are not called, lack of divine energy in performing the rituals would result in the rituals going into a safe direction. Just as the energy is used to heal, they can be used to turn the emotional body into a black emotion, thereby performing works of destruction, revenge, and evil. The force can be directed to oppress and surrounds a target and seeing this psychic linked target being pushed and concealed in an object, such as a puppet, which is a low magic tradition.

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By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012