High Priest/ High Priestess

High Priest/ High Priestess

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A male witch within a coven who has been initiated into the 3rd degree.

Abbreviated in written rituals as HP. A female witch within a coven who has been initiated into the 3rd degree. Abbreviated as HPS in written rituals. The high priest and high priestess are the representation of the masculine and feminine forces within the universe drawn together and pushed apart, forever in a cycle of creation and destruction.

These two forces lead the circle and guide the energy created and maintained within the confines of the circle.

Often both persons that are high priest or priestess have earned this rite and are looked upon as elders of the coven or group (traditionally speaking).

The station of a high priestess or priest is not one that should be looked upon (or claimed) lightly as there is much responsibility and trial involved with the position.

The Wiccan High Priest

Wicca is one of the neo-pagan religions which has of late, gained popularity. Covens of the Wiccans are normally led by a High Priest or High Priestess or both. It is only possible to become a priest or a priestess after you gaining the second degree but most of those considered for this work are those who have gained the third degree in Wicca.

The Work of A High Priest

Within the Wicca faith, a high priest should have practiced and learned the basics of Wicca as he will be required to specialize in at least one particular field. If one is in the second degree, they will only be allowed to teach religious and magical rituals to the members of their covens of the lower level; they may also help in leading ceremonies and rites. He can also lead during burial ceremonies and baby naming.

How To Become a Wiccan High Priest

It is important for one to first of all find a Coven, where they are taught and trained. Training in a Wiccan coven takes at least one year and a day. This means that one has to finish that period before being initiated into the Wiccan religion because that is when they will have mastered the basics of the faith. In order to become a high priest, one is supposed to finish at least the first and second degree, but it is best to finish all the three degrees before becoming a high priest thereby gaining specialization and other knowledge about the religion.

Attributes of a Wiccan High Priest

A high quality, the high priest is expected to be knowledgeable about the Wiccan faith and lead by example. They will need to have the excellent magical knowledge and be able to lead the rituals and ceremonies in a professional manner. When they are performing a ceremony in a Coven, the high priest is normally considered as the primary leader as he is perceived as the one who is closer to the gods.

How to Set Up a Coven

After qualifying to be a high priest in the Wiccan faith, one is free to create their own Coven or group. One has to adopt the Book of Shadows in order to meet the specific needs the Covens and self will be needing in order to design the Coven’s mission which will suit their Coven interests and abilities. One is supposed to adhere to all the terms of the Wiccan Rede, one is allowed to practice their faith the way that best suits them.

Even after graduating to be a high priest, one is encouraged to continue pursuing spiritual development for listening to the gods while being in charge. The title of a high priest gives one notice of responsibility to fulfill whatever obligations that may arise. High priests are not formed to be leaders of a group.

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By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012