High Magick

high magic

Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

Ceremonial magick involving the actions of deities or spirits.

High magic sometimes referred to as ritual or ceremonial magic is a broad term which is used to mean western Esotericism and Hermeticism to encompass a wide variety of elaborate, long and complex ritual of magic. It has been given that name due to the fact that, there is a ceremony involved and also another myriad which is necessary in order to help the practitioner to achieve his goal. It is an extension of ritual magic and it is synonymous with it.

The Importance of Ceremonial Magic

It is believed that all things come from the element, whether it is in their purest state or a combination of all of them. The ancient believed that there are four elements; water, fire, air, and earth. The four elements are coming from the one who made the four expressing, its self through the harmony of 10 through 4. These four elements are the ones responsible for the creation of the other beings, be it metals, stones, daemons, plants, angels, animals, devils, gods, as well as all other created things. They are up in the highest of the heavens and the depth of hell. It doesn’t matter whether they are within terrestrial, or celestial realms, chaos, be it spirits, or life, the elements are within them all. Humans are unique in that, they can utilize all created energies.

Basic Rituals

When learning high magic, the student is supposed to thoroughly learn about the pronunciation of symbols. It happens that, one will find learning the symbols and their pronunciation very important as it is a guide in rituals which are performed in the Wiccan faith. In case the student finds that the sound doesn’t have an English equivalent, other languages can be used until an equivalent is gotten that will suit the learner. Students are encouraged to learn the pronunciations well.

Neophyte Grade Signs Explained

Neophyte grade signs are the ones which are referred to as silence or enterer signs. The Enterer signs, which are also referred to as Signs of Horus or the Attacking Signs are normally used to project magical energy. They are supposed to be used when one is charging the Hexagrams and Pentagrams.

In order for one to perform the Enterer sign, they are supposed to be on their two feet parallel about their shoulders width apart. They are then supposed to imagine a star which should be shining above one’s head, which is tiny, an equivalent of a baseball. Silent inhalation is done while the person is visualizing a light coming from the star that is above the head. The process is complex, but with practice, it becomes easy and the person can confidently pull the energy to perform their high magic. Patience is required when learning high magic as it is not an easy task. Those who are patient end up being the best magic practitioners and consultants of sorts.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 3, 2017