Heptagram and The Magic Day

Heptagram and The Magic Day

Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

A seven-pointed star drawn with one unbroken line.

Symbolic of the number seven, which is important not only to the seven traditional astrological planets but also to the seven planes and subplanes and the seven chakras.

It has been adopted as the identifier by members of the subculture of the Otherkin. The Blue Star Wicca also uses the symbol and they refer to it as Septagram. It is also a symbol of magical powers in other pagan religions. Its origins have much to do with timing, astrology, and the advent of the seven-day week which is used throughout the Hellenistic world of mixed cultures.

Some people take the design to represent the magic number seven and other culture deities which include; the seven pillars of wisdom in the Middle East, the seven faces of Hathor in Egypt, the seven mothers of the world in Southeast Asia. It is believed that, placing this symbol on any object defend penetration from happening on the object. In some traditions, it is associated with the Grimoire; associating it with the speed of planets as they move in the heavens, matching the planets to the seven days of the week.

The Kabbalah used the obtuse heptagon later the Ordo Templi Orientis and Aleister Crowley used it where it was referred to as the star or seal of Babylon. For Christians, the heptagon is normally used to refer to the seven days which God took for the creation and they use it to ward off evil; that is why the badges of Sheriffs normally have the obtuse heptagon shape. Some Christian believes that, the heptagon shape is a symbol of God’s perfection.

To the Alchemy, the star which has seven sides of the heptagon can mean the number of the planets which were seven and were known to the olden alchemists.

The Druids interpret it differently with the Welsh word “Derwydd’ which refer to Druids being used to stand for each of the seven points; meaning each stands for attributes of the Druids:

Point number one, Doethiweb which stands for Wisdom.

Point number two, Eluseugan which stands for Compassion.

Point number three, Rhyddfrdwr which stands for liberal.

Point number four, Wmbredd which stands for abundance.

Point number five, Ymnellltuaeth, which stands for nonconformity.

Point number six, Dysg which stands for learning.

Point number seven, Delfrydwr which stands for idealist.

The Heptagon Drawing Explained

When it is displayed as a septagon, the drawing has a snake swallowing its own tail which is known as the Ouroboros. The snake is the symbol of the shape of a circle used for rituals. The snake was used by the Druids in olden days with the Ouroborus being one of the oldest mystical symbols in the world. The dragon eating its own tail can be traced back to ancient Egypt. In alchemy, it is well known as a purifying Sigil. The image of the snake eating its own tail has an infinity or wholeness meaning to life; giving life and immortality, a symbol of the eternal unity of all things, the death and birth circle.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 1, 2017