Hedge Wizard

Hedge Wizard

Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

A rural practitioner who has little formal training or none at all.

Unlike the other wizards who learn their trade through formal training and extensive research, hedge wizards discover arcana on their own, uncovering the deeper magic through experimentation and reading what they can find.

Hedge wizardry is defined by a lack of schooling and consequently, the hedge wizards are not grouped in the traditional arcane schools. The self-education has its own drawbacks because, a hedge wizard, due to lack of specialized schooling, they tend only to specialize in the lower level of spells.  It is believed that the practitioners of hedge wizardry tend to come from the countryside where proper schooling is less or nonexistent.

How It is Practiced?

Being self-taught, a hedge wizard has to learn for themselves much of what has already been discovered and formalized by wizards of the past. Much of their practice is cast just the same way those who have attended school do it. However, the accepted form of a spell is not always the only way to achieve a given effect and a hedge wizard can often surprise a formally schooled practitioner by their ability to accomplish an effect with entirely different magical forms and components.

Sometimes this is an overly complicated workaround for what with a little more understanding could have been a simple effect. Just as often, however, the solution of a hedge wizard is equally elegant, or even more efficient, than the standard accepted magical forms. In seeking power from sources that other wizards do not explore, hedge wizards can also become practiced in the areas of magic that other schooled wizard neglect.

School wizards forget that first wizards never went to school, yet they practiced magic. The existing thoughts among the modern hedge wizards is that some are a genius and possess magic which is similar to that which was practiced in ancient times.

It is simply the path of the self-taught so depending on one’s point of view, it is the oldest tradition of the wizard.

A hedge wizard has to learn for themselves much of what has been already discovered and formalized by wizards of the past.

Their magic is cast in the same way that other magic is cast by the educated wizards. The hedge wizard, apart from using a spell, can surprise an educated wizard by being able to accomplish an effect with different forms of magic forms and components.

The solution of a hedge wizard can be quite elegant or even better than that of what the standard magician can achieve. This is because the search for powers from sources which other wizards might not even be aware of. It has become the most practiced wizards.

For hedge wizard's, powers and knowledge to perform are sourced from different branches of magic - with no specific magic mind. They understand that magic can be found in nearly everything and anywhere and for one to understand and get it, they only need to understand the working of the world. This has made them do an extensive study of herbs, plants, and beasts in order to uncover the hidden knowledge.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 1, 2017