Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

Forces that are often elemental in nature that protect over the Earth, people, ritual, and day to day activities.

Guardians are usually used within rituals to watch over the corners (East, West, North, and South) and often a representative of the element of the direction.

They tend to change shape based on the person viewing them and suit their form to the human perception. Guardians can be individual guides that are there to watch over someone while they are on their path, doling out warnings and encouragement or as a much larger sense such as Guardians controlling us. It has been noted that Guardians can control us by mind control.

Controlling Another Spiritually

In modern times, there are several religions, ideologies, cartels, and criminal groups which are utilizing mind control in order to enslave others. The western world has put focus on the occult programming and mind control, but it is more than just an occult affair. Prostitution rings, imams in mosques, and even drug cartels are also controlling the mind. Both occult and eastern alternative religious methods are used in order to practice the mind control. Regardless of how it is practiced, it has a satanic attachment to it.

Using Spiritual Principles Against A Person

In the monarch programming, there are some secret elements with most of them being controversial. The secret layering of demons is what is referred to as gamma programming and in order to get to know more about this demons, one has to  understand the background of the whole cult and how it has impacted on others. In order to make an individual demonic, there are ceremonies which are performed before they are born. It is necessary to have generational spirits in order for the programming process to be successful. It is referred to as, the 10th science and it goes beyond demonology due to the fact that, it involves fundamental issues that affect the view of God. The spirits are laid in the womb before the child is born and are introduced to the child as the child’s spiritual guide and friend.

The Importance of the Spiritual Programming Tactics

It is important for ministries and therapists to get to learn how the spiritual ramifications of programming and controlling someone spiritually are done. The demonology, witchcraft, and spells is a way of life for the Wiccans. The hypnotic trances and programming are deeply rooted in their ritual life at the altars of the mind controlled slave.

A lot of sufferings of people who are controlled spiritually have been witnessed due to the fact that, therapists don’t understand, their problem is beyond the psychological techniques that are being used on them.

Though Christian’s recognize that man is in a spiritual warfare, they are ignorant to the extent which Satan can devise ways and normal people (non spiritual) are not skilled in dealing with spiritual attacks from the demons.

Demonology is like microbiology, hard to be understood unless placed under a microscope. Anything said about demonology you will find a theorist to oppose it. But just as it has been helpful for people who have been attacked by a virus - the victims of the cultist control of the mind have found it necessary to deal with the demons.

The trauma-based mind control has been in practice since the 15th century through the Ashkenazi Hasidic bloodlines. Their leaders created the golem to serve the Ashkenazi people. These have been referred to as the benevolent robots. Golems are believed to be soulless bodies. In olden times, torture, trance or black magic in most cases ended up creating a soulless personality.

Controlling another spiritually is real in the occult world and it is practiced especially during the performance of black magic. Share with friends and relatives to enlighten them. We hope you liked this article. Please support us by liking us on Facebook. Thank you in advance.

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012