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Dispersing excess energy generated during any magickal rite or working by sending it into the earth.

This is the best defense against becoming our own worst enemy. This technique is the foundation on which a strong practice is built; it is always associated with element of earth.

The Magical alteration that you may design as you try to change your world; grounding techniques offer a way for a witch to dispose of negative energies as well as a place to draw upon the healing and beneficial energies of the earth. It is also a sign of humility to the ‘Powers that Be’ who grant humans the possibility of changing their life for the better.

Common grounding techniques include visualizing a seed in the middle of you going down into the ground and reaching into the earth and bringing back up healing, love, or light energies of the earth.

Once grounding is done, it is traditionally followed by centering… a similar, albeit different technique.

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012