Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

A magical sigil.

The most understood of all the glyphs is the simple circle where a circle has to be cast for every magical working.

It is thought that that is the best way in which magic can be contained so that it doesn’t harm those around the people practicing it. Circles are required especially when working with dark forces and magic. Some witches use circles for rituals where power is gathered from different sources and sent as a whole for religious celebrations and gatherings; there are those who don’t use a circle for any kind of magic which adds up to trusting in their skills and understanding their magic.

There are spells, magical rituals, and celebrations where it is necessary to draw a circle. But there is this belief amongst witches that, once they learn a particular magic and they practice it well, they there will be a point where they do not require a circle to be drawn.

This is higher tier magic. They can control those energies around them.  A circle is used to protect from within, without or even both. It is advisable that one uses the setting that is best suitable for them. A simple circle can be used in cases where one is honoring their deities.

One is just supposed to turn on space and point out the perimeter of the circle, then they can start calling the powers of their personal goddess and god.

The Wiccans have used circles for a long time as a barricade against evil spirits and interruptions when one is communicating with their goddess and gods.

Some Wiccans, instead of drawing a physical circle, draw a symbolic one by just pointing up and creating a sacred space where they can work out their spells. All this drawing of circles represents an ancient glyph in their own rights.

When reading of tarot, some Wiccans utilize the use of glyphs because, most of the symbols which are on the decks are incorporated in the Italian glyph, Hebraic, Germanic, and Nordic origins. This type of glyphs utilizes the background and foreground of the cards to act as powerful symbols which help in strengthening the meaning and efficacy of the readings.

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By Florance Saul
Jan 30, 2017