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Magic that is used to change the perception of a person.

Often used to create the illusion that someone is more attractive than they truly are or to change the appearance of certain traits. This type of magic was largely popularized in the movie, ‘The Craft’, in the 1990s, and often people will indicate that this type of magic can be used for drastic purposes.

Glamour, however, is not historically said to be a complete change of appearance, rather, it invokes subtle changes of demeanor, confidence, or takes away edges of the human persona that would normally be seen. Glamour magic can sometimes be used in dreamtime as well – to influence the thoughts of others through astral travel and to enter into the dreams of another. Because of the deceptive nature of the craft it can easily and quickly blur into black magic based on its intention and is not a type of magic to be used or trifled with lightly.

Understanding The Glamor Magic

Glamor is a term which applies to a magic occult spell which is cast on a person to make them see that the spell caster wants them to see. It goes back to the tales of the Fae in the British Isles. In the Celtic tales, the Fae used magic to hide their true appearance from the eye of the human being. Any story about Faery Enchantresses and Changelings is normally filled with glamor magics.

It is the sort of power which can be very seductive to any magic worker with warnings against the breaking of the harm none edict. The occult and the esoteric groups are the most glamorous of all groups

What is A Glamor

A glamor is an illusion on the emotional or astral lane or and an illusion being not real, it is not easy to understand it anyway. The magic of glamor is all about what others see. There are three levels of illusion and all of them pertain to the personality.

The delusion on the physical plane is referred to as the Maya; on the astral plane, it is referred to as glamorous; on the mental plane, it is referred to as illusion. Most people live in the illusion state where reality is not part of them. The practice of meditation is what takes most people to the real world.

Many glamor spells are normally designed to help the partaker to get that sparkle that will help them gain an indescribable quality which elevates their charisma and attracts people to them. It has little to do with how attractive one has physically and it is beyond the outward trappings of make ups and clothing. It is normally likened to a mask that one can put on in order to blend into certain social situations better.

The glamor skills are helpful with the “Passing”onto another plane, which can be helpful in a number of situations such as saving the heartaches and headaches in everyday life. Apart from the tricks of the eye and blending in, this type of magic is said to help give the participant a confidence boost. Though the difference is not felt by the participant, but the sparkle felt even more with chanting which raises energy.

Glamor is a concept which taps into the innermost needs and desires influencing behaviors and decisions in an unrecognizable way. It is a form of persuasion which creates a sense of longing and projection and longing which is done by channeling desires

Glamor involves the manipulation of another person’s perception of people being more vulnerable than others. Perception is a subjective word, it means, when a glamor is cast, the chances of it working are minimal. In order to be successful in casting a glamor spell, one has to have a lot of self-confidence and considering magic itself needing a lot of faith, faith that is dependent on small, private accomplishments, this is exactly what is required in order to be successful.

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By Flo Saul
Oct 2, 2012