Fly Lands On You Spiritual Meaning

Fly lands on you

Fly lands on you

I was sitting in my chair the other day and this fly just kept landing on me. There is a spiritual meaning to this. The fly keeps on going where it wants to go, then it is a sign life is just like that. If you set yourself a goal there will always be things in life that may get in the way. Spiritually speaking when a fly enters your life and lands on you it is a sign of many things to come. For a fly to land near you then you’re being warned about something important in life that is negative in nature. A fly in negative terms represents rumors, lies, or excuses, in positive terms it represents fighting for what you want.

Is a fly landing on you good or bad?

Maybe someone close to you is lying or making up excuses to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. If a fly is buzzing near you (or in a room that lands on you), it means you should listen to your intuition instead of your mind. If a fly lands on your feet it might represent hate and revenge. Perhaps you dislike someone and it hurts your soul and life, in general. The fly is really the representation of "not liking" someone if it just keeps on landing on you over and over.

Can the fly represent an enemy in life?

The answer to this is yes, in my spiritual view. If vengeance is running through your veins, it is time to forgive and let go. A fly landing on your arm reminds you of the beauty of giving and expecting nothing in return. You’re being reminded that what you give is what you get.  Instead of being unhappy about what you don’t have, it is urging you to stop for a while, and appreciate the little things that make you happy throughout the day, like your family or pets. 

Lessons you can learn from a fly and the spiritual meaning of the insect

Balance is important: If a fly lands on you, it’s here to teach you that balance is very important in life. Even the fly exists to keep the balance of nature. If you feel like you’re constantly jumping from one thing to another, without a specific reason, and you never get anything done, the fly appears to teach you stability and persistence. Find out what’s important to you and focus on it.
Avoid drama: You don’t need drama in your life, as you may think. You don’t have to be at the center of attention all the time. Or get involved in other people’s drama to get more attention. A fly can teach you how to stay away from drama.
Emotional awareness: If a fly lands on someone close to you this can mean they may lack emotional awareness.  
Speed, opportunities:  If a fly enters your home, you’re being taught how to be an opportunist. It’s here to teach you how to recognize a good opportunity when you see one and how to act fast, and on time before it’s too late and someone takes what could have been yours. Flies have a short life, so they’re here to remind us of the beauty of life and how to appreciate life. 
Focus, persistence: As I mentioned before, flies can teach you persistence and focus. If one lands on your arm, you’re being taught how to stay hopeful and fight for your dreams. It teaches you how to overcome challenges and how to never give up on yourself and your passion. It’s here to make you question what excites you, and what you’re passionate about and help you give your existence a greater purpose.

What does it mean if you find the fly annoying?

Sometimes, you have to be annoying to get what you want: Flies are annoying with their constant buzzing. However, they buzz when feel trapped and looking for a way out. So, they can teach you how to never stop trying and how NOT to take a “no” for an answer. A fly enters your life and annoys you to remind you that sometimes, you have to be annoying to get what you want in life. Also, it’s there to teach you the beauty of freedom. If you feel obligated or trapped, the fly is here to show you the way, and the exit and help you feel free and easy again.

Let’s face it, a fly is a tiny creature and it’s here to remind us of the beauty and value of small things. They exist with a purpose. And they aren’t leading a meaningless life as many of us like to believe. Don't forget flys show us the beauty of being free. They’re here to remind us that we’re all born free and with equal life. They’re here to remind us of the beauty of traveling thanks to their ability to fly wherever they want, whenever they want. If a fly lands on your stomach, it may represent wealth and prosperity too. So, if you’re dealing with financial problems, the fly has landed on you to tell you that you will find an optimal solution soon. And if you’re going through a tough time, you’re being reminded that everything has an end. Happy times have an end. Meaning, that bad times have an end too. 
The positive traits of the fly

As I mentioned before, the fly is a survivor, a fighter. It’s able to adapt to changes and transform when it’s needed. No matter the conditions they’re facing flies never give up on their lives. This is an important life lesson you can learn. A fly will teach you how to never give up on yourself and your life. It is also a sign at how to be an opportunist and recognize an opportunity when you see it. Seeing the fly buzzing then if this keeps landing on you it means: whatever comes and turn it into something beautiful. No matter how bad the world is, don’t let it take away your peace.

The negative traits of the fly

A negative trait about the fly landing on you is that it can be super annoying at times, especially if it’s constantly buzzing about (I had one land on me multiple times yesterday). This alludes to the fact you need to be self-centered. And, a fly will do anything in its power to achieve a certain goal. It may buzz when looking for a way out. Or when feeling trapped. So, it’s also a positive trait because it can teach you to never give up on your freedom and learn your rights.
Also, if you feel useless and think that you have no talent, flies are here to remind you that we’re not born to impress the world with our abilities. We’re born to exist, to live. So, a fly can teach you how to accept being ordinary and still love yourself. You don’t need to have a great voice, or a writing skill, or a drawing skill, to be happy. You’re born to live and feel happy and comfortable in your own skin, without trying to be something you’re not.  Just be yourself and allow yourself to be happy with who you really are.

What does it mean to dream of a fly landing on you?

If you dream of a fly landing on you, it means your adaptability and flexibility. You’re being reminded of your ability to accept changes and move forward. You’re being taught not to take your abilities and talents for granted. If you see a fly feeding on carrion or meat, it represents rebirth and death. Perhaps you’re ready to let go of the old you and start over. Perhaps you dream of a new beginning. Or you are searching for a new place to start fresh. I must always mention that in dreams a fly indicates a warning. You’re probably being warned of an unpleasant situation or event. Expect what you don’t desire and always be prepared.

By Flo Saul
Mar 20, 2024