Fivefold kiss

Fivefold kiss

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Fivefold kiss is a Wiccan element which involves kissing five parts of the body with each kiss being followed by a complement.

A salutation between the priest and priestess within a ritual which involves kissing the five parts of the body during certain rites and ceremonies such as a handfasting.

The parts which are blessed are the feet, the knees, the womb, the breasts, and the lips. It is a form of blessing which is used by both the Alexandrian and Gardnerian covens. It is at times performed during the Gardnerian Wiccan ceremonies and rites such as handfasting. It is believed to be the Neopagan greeting; blessed be. The blessed be term is also mostly used during rituals as an expression of blessings.

How The Five Fold Kiss is Recited?

When this rite is performed in a female coven the male coven kneels before the female and then gives it to her a kiss.

The female coven is associated with different parts of the female body: the womb, both feet, both breasts, both knees, and the lips. These are the areas that are kissed.

Starting with the right of each pair, the male is supposed to recite how the feet is blessed and how they feel about the female coven.

The knees are also blessed and the male states how they will always kneel where there is a sacred altar; the womb is blessed and the male says how without the womb, there will have been no life; the breasts are blessed and adored the way they have been beautifully formed; the lips are kissed last with a word to them on how they always utter names which are sacred.

When it comes to the kissing the lips, the male and female coven embraces while standing up and their feet touching each other. When the male coven is kissing the lips and the womb, the female is supposed to spread her arms wide.

When it is the males turn, the female coven is kneels before her male counterpart and gives him the five fold kiss whereby she kisses both knees, phallus (womb), both knees, the lips, and both breasts while blessing each of them.

She recites how the feet should be blessed because they have brought the male coven that far; the knees are also blessed because they enable the male coven to kneel at the sacred altar; without the phallus, the lady coven tells her male counterpart,there could have been no life; the breasts are praised for their strength and the lips are praised for always uttering the sacred names

When it comes to the lips kiss, the male and female coven while standing and feet touching, embrace each other. And when the female is kissing the lips and the phallus, the male coven has to spread their hands wide.

The “blessed be” phrase by the Wiccans which simply means “be blessed”, is equivalent to saying take care. It is a general well wishing which has no specific meaning and they could have derived from the five kisses fold.

This rite is used by Wiccans, Pagans, Neopagans and Paleo pagans.

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By Florance Saul
Jan 30, 2017