Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

A specific spiritual embodiment of an element, akin to an element with a body created from the energy.

The 5 elementals are salamanders (fire), sylphs (air), undines (water), gnomes (earth), and spirit (akasha). The elementals are actual spiritual forms, that when present create more energy within the element itself.

We have a separate article which provides an overview of the elements. But here we are going to review the elements in a spiritual form.

Let’s start by reviewing the first element “Fire” - from a spiritual perspective. How can you actually use fire in life? Fire is normally powerful, hot and also can transform anything. It can be used for cooking food alternatively as a fuel to heat the house. This is obviously in essence of the earth. Fire and earth are thus, elements that should be used to guide the future.

Fire also is associated with positive, powerful movement. It lights up the dark. It is associated with one being creative and original in daily life. If we now briefly look at air. This is always constantly moving. There are things around us at all times that connect to each other. The air itself rests upon earth. The air reaches the universe and goes up into the sky.

In comparison, Earth is solid but it also supports the imagination. This is associated with joining up and sharing with each other. In predicting the future, the air is often used alongside the two elements. It allows us to understand the time of transition.

We have been given an element from astrology. So each of us is either the following: earth, air, water or fire. If we look at the planet that we live on then these four elements surround us in all things visible and also in the spiritual realm.

Each of the elements has a specific quality that can help us in life. It is important for one to search for their own personal element. Obviously, in astrology we already given an element to work with. This provides insight into our personality and where we originate from in terms of our goal. Only a few of us choose to live as a hermit in isolation for example. These are the choices we make.

Therefore, many spend time with family and friends so that we can get to know them in a better light. We also live in the tremendous world of stress, we put many goals on ourselves and also ambitions and targets. Understanding your element better help you make sense of the world. This can also aid in helping one to understand what makes them happy in life.

Most literature that is magical in nature refers to the elements as quite a mystical process. Normally in articles the elements are not presented in a simple manner. There are many different spells and rituals that can be carried out using the four elements: earth, fire, water and air. This magic is also a natural process. Just as we walk through a field of flowers, we can associate magic with the elements that are natural as the earth.

If we look at energy in regards to magic this is created from one universal point. There is much more magical energy that exists in the four elements that help energy come through in rituals. Talking of this energy this is where the Earth energy is created. If you look at a beautiful river, field filled with flowers you can feel the energy within the settings.

Those that practice the occult give off the same type of energy as those natural objects.

This is where we understand the Earth's energy gives us a point where we can join our own personal magic with our universe. This is conducted through a range of rituals that is designed to absorb the earth element as a power. Earth “energy” itself is divided into the four main elements, as mentioned above. No magic in life is conducted without a goal in mind. This could be from losing those extra pounds to finding the dream house. There are all types of goals connected to magic but most of them are not impossible.

To perform magic on a high level of winning at a horse race or becoming famous normally does not work. It is important to understand that the needs must be kept realistic.

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012