Earth Power


Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

The specific power that comes from all things that come from the earth living or dead such as trees, stones, water, and air.

Earth is the element which is close to people, but as an element, the physical earth doesn’t represent the earth being talked about by the Wiccans.

Earth in Wiccan circle represents anything that is solid, stable, and dependable. It is thought to be the foundation of all the other elements which are used. It is in the realm of the earth that most people live their lives; walking, standing, eating, crawling, working, taking care of the plants; all this is done on element earth.

Why Earth Element is Considered Powerful

Earth is known to be the realm of abundance, wealth, and prosperity. Though it is the most physical of the elements, it is not negative as it is upon it that the other three elements in the Wiccan world rest. When working magic, the earth is the one which rules. It is used for all the spells and rituals which involve employment, business, prosperity, money, in all its fertility, form, stability, and much more.

A ritual involving the earth can be done in a very simple yet be very powerful.  One needs only to bury an object that represents their needs in a virgin plot of the earth, walk over miles in the backyard while visualizing the need or just make drawings of the need in the dirt.

Earth has been known to be a feminine element which has attributes such as being fruitful, nurtures and provides moisture. It is these qualities that have made the earth to be referred to as a great mother goddess who is all fertile greatness of nature.

On the compass to the north, that is where the element earth is placed, it symbolizes winter and the greatest darkness. It is allocated the green color to symbolize plants and fields. It governs stones, trees, images and knot magic.

Earth Power In Daily Life

The earth is indeed powerful.

The dead are buried; from its surface vegetables and healing plants are found; animals graze on it and, within it, gold, oil, precious stones, and silver are mined. The ancient goddess survived on the earth as Mother Nature, which is a deity which is being reclaimed by nature conscious souls. Long ago, the earth was worshiped and in today’s world; it is revered as the soul’s home and its sustenance without it which everything would perish. Think of a freshly dug handful of earth and smell its richness of the soils which are fertile; they come available in various colors from blackest black, whitest clay, to volcanic red. All this makes it the best platform where magic is practiced.

Using Earth Power To Heal

Earth power can be used to heal using the process which is referred to as transference. This is a process whereby, the wound is transferred magically from the body to an organic substance which is then buried. As the substance rot, so does the wound or disease rot with it. To remove a wound or heal it, rub it with something like an apple, then quickly dig a hole in the ground, put it in and cover it. Magically, the wound or disease will be healed.

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By Florance Saul
Jan 28, 2017