Pendulum and drowsing

Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

The act of using a pendulum or stick to locate a person, place, thing, or element. Dowsing can also be used to answer yes or no questions.

Dowsing entails people using a special device which is referred to as a divining rod in order to locate mineral, water, and other materials which are underground.

The rod comprises of a forked long stick which is held with the fork ends while the elongated end is pointed to the ground.

The divining rod normally vibrates violently whenever it detects minerals, water or other underground materials. Apart from that, the divining rod can be used to locate people, substances, and objects; lost objects, missing persons, murder victims and diagnosis of an illness can be uncovered using the divining rod.

The History of The Dowsing

It is believed that the Chinese and the ancient Egyptians used dowsing with its origins being found in Germany who started using it in the 15th century to locate metals. It then spread to England when the miners from German went there to work in coal mines. No one has ever explained how it works, but when the dowser finds the correct location of whatever they are looking for, the dowsing stick begins to twitch violently in the dowser’s hand.  There is a notion that, the divining rods pick up the vibrations from the earth, but this notion doesn’t explain how those who use maps from the comfort of their homes locate sites.

The Uses of The Dowsing Rod

These rods were used during the WWI by the army soldiers to locate find mines and unexploded shells.  During the Vietnamese war, the American army used the rods to locate buried mortars, mines, and booby traps; they are also used by some mining companies to complement geological analysis. In some medical analysis, the pendulum is used over the body of a patient, with changes in movement suggesting the healthy and unhealthy parts.

Dowsing For Divination Purposes

The use of the dowsing for divination purposes has been in use for thousands of years. During the Middle Ages, dowsing was highly associated with the devil and in the year 1659, it was considered to be a satanic device.  It is demonic and spiritually dangerous to be practiced. Not everyone can use it and succeed as it is a reserve of the few who have been dedicated to serving Satan.

During dowsing, some use wire, while others use a specific kind of woods and not any wood; metals are not allowed. One could use oak wood while another one uses cherry wood and it works, but if they swap sticks, they don’t work at all. Meaning, each person has their own specific type of stick which works with them. With this in mind, it rules out the idea that dowsing is scientific because if it were, then any stick could work for anyone and everyone could be doing dowsing.

In conclusion, dowsing is a spiritual divination which can only be done by people who are ordained by the spirits to perform it and not just anybody.

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By Florance Saul
Jan 28, 2017