Dream Time

Dream Time

Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

Whatever is seen in the dream has a connection to a certain relevance and Wiccans believe that dreams are psychological and emotional guidance to one’s day to day life.

There are several symbols in dream with each one having a specific meaning, which makes it possible for one to decipher the dream and use them to help in day to day life.

For one to dream, they must first of all sleep and during the sleep, the brain undergoes changes as one loses their consciousness and then one pass through the four stages of sleep. In the first stage, the blood pressure goes low and the eyes roll from one side to the next and this is referred to as the hypnopompic stage, where one is neither asleep nor awake though will be awake easily where one to be disturbed.

Stage two of sleep is when the breathing and heartbeat are low and one is unaware of what is happening outside. The third stage of sleep is when one is deep asleep and waking them would be hard. The fourth stage is when the conscious mind sleeps too and then the REM stage where one will be able to remember the dreams they dreamt from the final REM stage.

How much sleep do we need?

Sleep is very important because it enables one’s mental and emotional well-being to relax. The age determines the amount of sleep one requires babies require 15 hours a day, teenagers require eight to nine hours, adults is 7 to eight hours; the more one grows old, the lesser the sleep they require. Sleep allows the physical and the mental to recharge, thus it is imperative for stability and overall health. The mind needs care and attention in order to work well at optimum capacity and when one is asleep, the unconscious takes charge and reorganizes one’s experiences.

When one dreams, it is like one is watching a movie of own life with unfamiliar and familiar situations and people. Some people feel unsettled or comfortable, sad or happy; some go to the extent of seeing objects such as animals, symbols, vehicles, clothing, boats and so on.

Dreams are normally accompanied by emotions and depending on what someone dreamt about, it will definitely affect their moods when they wake up. For example, if one dreams of being in water and water pertains to emotion, one can try to relate to something which overwhelming them in their life when they wake up and the dream might just try to give an answer to the situation. Those who see symbols in most cases it is taken from their day to day activities.

The Wiccans advice that one has to keep a dream journal next to their bed so that, any time they have a dream, they can wake up and draft it down and later on try to understand what the dream is trying to communicate to them.

The best way to uncover a dream meaning is after it is written down, one goes through it and the first thought that comes into the head is called dream association.

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By Flo Saul
Feb 16, 2017