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Things To Know About Draconian Tradition

It is believed that not many people in the world follow the true practice of the Draconic tradition; not many people are Dracomancers. The reason behind being, when it is taught, it is orally directly from teacher to pupil and rarely is something written down for future references. Currently, there are measures being taken to write the instructions down so that not all is lost and other people are able to learn.

How It Originated?

It is believed to have originated from the need for both the dragon and human to connect and interact. The tradition of the draconian can be used on its own as tradition or combine with other traditions. If combined, no other deities are supposed to be used above, the dragons, or expect the dragons to submit to other patron Gods; the dragon is supposed to be treated with same respect given to the Deity, meaning, the dragon should be given the same respect as that given to the practitioner’s God(s). There are many deities who are a dragon or have Draconic forms; one is free to work with them together with other dragons and deities.

In case one decides to work with deities, it is important they introduce them to the dragons and vice versa. Before doing so, it is recommended that a research is done to find out if the god(s) in question will react unfavorably or favorably to the dragon. If the patron god of the practitioner is the God of the Dragon slaying, the union automatically won’t be favorable. If that is the case, it is advisable that, one doesn’t combine the two, but in steady, work with them as two different entities; the Draconic tradition to be separated from other traditions. But in case they can combine and work together, it is advisable to create a sacred space, invoke both the gods and the Dragon, then allow meditative time so that introductions are done.

Working With The Dragon Tradition

Unlike other occult practices where the practitioners are referred to as a Coven or an Order, the practitioner of the dragon tradition is known as a Clan. The Clan is the family that one chooses; a family where one is related to the dragon instead of blood. Some practitioners combine terms to come up with a mixture of the two like; Clan-Glovers, Clan-Covens, and Clan-Circles.

Dragon Magic in The Dragon Tradition

Dragon magic is when the practitioner calls upon the dragon to assist them during magical workings and it is believed that, it has to be kept as ceremonial or high magic all the time but that is not what actually happens. It has been proven that it can work under any magical system, being practiced on its own or combining with other magical traditions. It is also believed that, dragons can help practitioners to be empowered during rituals irrespective of the tradition being practiced. There are several ways to work with the dragon and one has a choice to choose which ways works best for them.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 1, 2017