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A pagan or magical practitioner that uses the aid of dragons in their work.

Several people have written about dragons for centuries now with different cultures having different stories. In all the stories, dragons are depicted as breathing fire, they hatch eggs and have feathered, scaly body. They are portrayed as being wonderful protectors of treasure who have large eyes. The dragon is very significant spiritually and a statute of one automatically makes someone lucky.

The Origin of The Word Dragon

It originated from the Greek word drakein  which means, “to see clearly”. They have several legs and the number depends on whether it is from Europe or Oriental. Many cultures have taken the dragon to be very sacred entities who live for a very long time and have supernatural powers with its wisdom surpassing that of a human being as they can understand the spoken word. It is believed that most dragons were born in Ethiopia where there was a species which grew up to the length of 180 feet and this is the type which lived for over a century.

The Structure of a Dragon

Dragons are depicted to be capable of soaring high above the earth with their wings yet they prefer to stay underground in a cave or lair and that is where they are presumed to communicate with nature. In Chinese culture, dragons are adored and are normally celebrated during Chinese festivals. For the Japanese, the water dragon is their darling.  The dragons are so strong and powerful that they can use their claws to pick up an elephant; the fire that the dragon breathes is white hot while its noise is ear splitting. In case it allows one to ride on its back, it will automatically where they want to be taken without the person communicating with it; it is believed that there is always telepathy between the rider and the dragon. Witches have been known to ride on the back of the dragon whom they befriend. In case a dragon is trapped, it will fight with all its might to set free; it is hard to confine a dragon without its consent and succeed.

It is believed that a dragon chooses its friend and there is no way one will choose a dragon for themselves; the dragon chooses the human and the human should never try to choose a dragon. This is because the dragon is the most spirited animal of all times.

The dragon’s heart is the most vulnerable and that is why, when one wants to kill it, a knife is slated in their heart because that is where the skin is the softest. The truth is, the dragons are the most misrepresented creatures on earth, being contented in their own domain and are best when left alone. They only become fierce when they sense that their family and lair is under threat.

Dragon and witches have been friends for a long time and if the bond is close, the dragon allows the witch to remove its scales for use in herbal remedies or spells.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 1, 2017