The Doctrine of Signatures

The Doctrine of Signatures

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The doctrine of signatures was an ancient method which was used to determine the properties of plants.

It is the theory that flowers, herbs, plants and other living things have a unique quality or vibration.

It was believed that the plant looks like the body part or tissue or disease for which it is supposed to cure. The shape of herbs used to treat the heart will resemble a heart. The ear resembles the leaf of the cyclamen and it was thought to be the best for treating any ear problems.

Modern botanists are rejecting the doctrine of signatures just like the modern doctors are rejecting the healing power of the herb. However, florists and herbalists still find this helpful in the connections between the plant’s shape and the organ they treat.

Application of the Doctrine of Signature

According to occult beliefs, the doctrine of the signature has been always been linked to the  teachings of Paracelsus, as it can be traced in his writings. The word “signature” comes from the Latin word “signare” which refers to a sign. So, according to the occult belief  the teaching concerning each and every mark that is placed on things and creatures by stellar influence. Mark or signature placed on all things is what gives them their identity by invisible influences. This can be compared to the way a phrenologist can tell out the character of a man by looking at the shape of his head.

Things to Know About the Doctrine of Signature

Just like the way a man writes a letter and places his signature at the end in order to be identified by the letter.

To the occult, all visible or external things have impressed upon them the stamp of their origin in the hidden or invisible world. That is how their association with other the invisible world are exposed or made known to the outside world. Some people who are not familiar with the way the signs of the stars and planet’s mark their progeny, you might not understand the relationship between the sealed or marked natural things, but the covens understand this very well.

A good example of how the doctrine of the signature is perceived is a letter which is signed and given to a man who doesn’t know how to read and write; his inability to decipher what is in the letter doesn’t change the content of the letter. According to the occult, every being belongs to one or more of the seven planetary families that exists: the moon, the sun, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter or Mars with the inner being of each being corresponding to a very large extent, to the attributes of that particular planet. An example is a soul which belongs to the Martian family (Mars) will be aggressive, and have an attitude of impetuous leadership while that of the Saturn family will have a calculating move and cold.

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By Florance Saul
Jan 30, 2017