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Originally a Latin term that means “To see” or “Inspired by God”.   

Divination is achieved by way of occult through a standardized process or a ritual. It has been used in a number of ways in different cultures. It is an attempt to attain knowledge which relates to future events or in other words, occultic information through supernatural or paranormal agencies. It is a universal cultural phenomenon which has presented itself in different cultures and religions throughout the ages up to date. Some form of divination includes cards, astrology, dowsing, palm reading, graphology, and scrying.

How To Acquire Knowledge From Supernaturals

Some powers give meaning, they are signs or omens which occur naturally without the intervention of human beings, like the movement of birds, appearance of comet and cloud formation.

There are those which have to be solicited, meaning, this type of omens has to be produced with the help of human intervention like tossing dice, laying out cards, or yarrow sticks.

Differentiating Between Fortune Tellers and Divination

A fortune teller refers to anyone who tries to predict the future use devices such as horoscope, cards, crystal balls, or even palm reading; they do it so that they gain financially. Topics covered by a fortune teller include future romance, financial prospects, and childbearing. They may also be consulted in order to help in decision making in regard to divorce or marriage, prognosis disease, and job opportunities.

Between the two, divination and fortune tellers, the difference lies in the way they are performed. Divination involves a ritual which has to be followed to the latter and it is conducted by a social character who has a religious context; for a fortune teller, anybody is at liberty to practice it the best way they know how for personal satisfaction.

The Divination By Palmistry

It is a form of occult divination and not a scientific practice as many would want people to believe. Palmist apart from been strongly associated with the occult, it is believed to develop psychic abilities, thus has a relationship to spirits. It is believed to have a correlation with astrology. It is believed to be an outgrowth of astrology. It has also been noted that, when a palmist approaches the fingers individually, they carefully look at the zodiac that is how palmistry is correlated to astrology.

Palmistry is also related to cabalism and other occult practice as together with astrology, form an integral part of the Cabalistic knowledge system.  Palmist is one of occult, sciences, or esoteric to become a professional palm reader, one has to take several years of the devoted application of the arts of the occult. Those who are professional palmists do also double as mediumistic who see events in the future. As one study palmistry, they end up being able to read between the lines along the way.

Several divinations which are practiced in the occult by the covens for their spiritual and ritualistic activities have been in practice for quite a long time.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 1, 2017