Dianic Witchcraft

Dianic Witchcraft

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Those who dedicate themselves as followers of the Goddess Diana. 

A derogatory term used towards women-only goddess worshipers that are unfriendly or unaccepting of men in the craft or magic.

The Dianic Feminist Wicca is a tradition which was founded in California in 1971 and to date, it is still influential. It is a tradition which is woman-centered and excludes men from its mysteries and rituals. There are people who have criticized it a movement where the women practice lesbianism, but the truth is, that is not the case instead, this tradition focuses on the mysteries of women and have this thinking that, men should discuss their own issues without having women around, issues they should be focusing on.

How the Dianic Witchcraft Came To Be?

During the 20th century, the pagan movement which supported the rapidly escalating feminist movement grew, and with it, the growth of the Dianic tradition emerged. The movement came about after women felt that, they were tired of being treated as second best and they wanted to be independent of anything masculine. Some went to the extent of removing men totally from their lives. That was the start of the growth of the female-only communities which were non-hierarchical, creative, spontaneous, pro woman and pro earth.

Spiritually, there was no religion which was compatible with this movement. The principle by Gardner in the book “Witchcraft Today”  which is one of the literature which has helped in spreading out witchcraft in the world. The pagans seemed to be pulled to the principles of the a goddess who gave them a break from the patriarchy of what the mainstream religion was offering them. But for the feminists, that was not enough because they didn’t want anything male, even the divine one for them, had to be a female.

That was not the birth of the Dianic tradition as it is known today. Murray Margaret,  a book writer, in 1921, published a book titled  “The Witch Cult in the Western Europe” and that was the book which brought about the Dianic tradition as it is known in today’s world. In the book, she revealed the origin of witchcraft, which was linked to the pre Christian times, rooted in the ancient religion of western Europe. Diana is thought to have been a Roman feminine deity who was worshipped in Europe in Dianic cults. “The God of the Witches” also a publication by Margaret Murray  and the “Divine King of England” in 195e, described the Dianic cult as having been practiced by the British royalty.

The Dianic Tradition In The Modern World

As it stands today, the Dianic tradition covers two schools of thoughts: the Feminist Dianic Witchcraft, or Women Spirituality, Dianic Wicca; Old Dianic Paganism or Danaanic Wicca. Both the two are the brain child of Margaret Murray.

Budapest Z is the founder of the The Dianic Witchcraft branch which she established with three friends of hers who established a coven where they worshiped the goddess in all her forms. It is a women’s only coven.

The Danaanic branch was founded by McFarland Morgan and the membership is open to covens who are either male only or female only so long as the composition is a single gender.

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By Flo Saul
Feb 1, 2017