Devil’s Mark

Devil’s Mark

Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

The Devil’s mark was a term coined in medieval times referring to any marking or birth defect on the human body which could be interpreted as a mark from the Devil.

This was rampantly used to accuse thousands upon thousands who were murdered during the burning times.

If a person was accused of being a witch, all that would need to be found on the body as evidence would be some form of marking on the body and the person would be found guilty. This was because they thought that people would embark on a devil's pact.

Devil's Pact - what is it?

The Devil’s pact is a phenomenon where a person sells their soul to the devil in exchange for wealth or power. It is thought to be preliminary instructions for the negotiated or sale of the soul or self in order to be remunerated from Satan, the devil, the god of this world and the holder of the keys of the gate of death. Those who want to make a pact with the devil believe that there is the soul, which is considered to be immortal. It is believed to survive even after the demise of the body as it continues to exist in the afterlife of either hell or heaven.  

The devil’s pact has to be made between Satan and a Satanist. And in most cases, it is for the mutual benefit of both and always ongoing; it means, a cautious but friendly relationship with satan where both benefit. It is a pact for those who believe the heavenly God has tried to interfere with Terra, who is believed to be the god of the earth.

The Study Before Entering the Devil’s Pact

It is considered important to study demonology, the study of the evil spirits, before entering the devil’s pact. It is then that one will be able to identify the evil and spiritual effects which will eventually make the pact successfully. It is advisable that whoever want to make the pact, should first consult with the demonologists; read the appropriate literature and become conversant with the ways of the devil. This will give them an insight into what it entails associating with the devil. At least with the knowledge, one will enter into the contract knowing exactly what it will be required of him. It is the best way for one to begin with in order to see it through and obtain what is desired. Knowledge and skills will be acquired to enable one to negotiate with the devil.

If one is interested in making a pact which will turn out to be favorable to them and that their aim is to work for a symbiotic type of relationship with Satan, the devil, check out what the devil will require of them and what they will require of him. Once that is established, and one is sure of what the pact will entail, it is time now to perform the ritual and get going with it. Just like any other pact, understanding it well in advance will enable it to work for both parties. There are various devil’s pacts that people make with the devil that include:

  • Anti-Christian or anti-Muslim pact.
  • Promethean and Ghost Liberators.
  • Post-Christian Satan deities.
  • Satanic worshippers.

So whatever pact one wants to do with the devil, they must first of all be ready to work with the devil in the first place, and the best way is to associate or learn the demonology.

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By Flo Saul
Oct 2, 2012