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Negative spiritual energy that has formed a spiritual body similar to an elemental.

A minion of the devil. An archaic and outdated term. The consciousness of a fallen angel but lacking a physical body.

Demons have existed for a very long time. In every culture in mankind’s history, it is believed that spirits, both good, and evil, existed. The spirits have always been referred to as gods and have been feared and venerated in equal measures; they have been grouped as the spirits of the dead, spirits of the ancestors and those of animals. Throughout the ages, men have tried to appease the spirits; sought guidance, protection, and personal powers of the spirits; it has made them create rituals and rites in order to ward off evil spirits. The Greek word daimon from which the word demon originated from had both a good and bad connotation to it. It is believed that Socrates had a daimon which could warn him anytime he was about to make a wrong decision.

Many tribal cultures believe that the evil spirits are the hostile spirits of the dead, thereby creating various rites and ancestral worship in the process in order to appease them. The ancient Greek and Romans believed that the evil spirits were souls or ghosts of those wicked dead and were supposed to be feared. This led to the Jews and other ancient religions believing that the spirits of the wicked entered into those who were alive and killed them unless they obtain some help. This has led to the study of demons which is referred to as demonology.

Demonology - what is it?

It is a study of evil spirits or demons and a branch of magic which deals with such beings. It is knowledge about supernaturals which are not deities. It is believed that demons are divided into six main bodies, namely: the demon of the air; the demon of fire; the demons of water;  the demon of the earth; shadowy demons; the subterranean ones. The river or water demons are responsible for causing tempests and floods; the shadowy demons are responsible for what is referred to as ghosts; the subterranean ones are the ones who prepare earthquake and cause volcanic eruptions. According to the Middle Ages, demons are split into the four elements: water, air, fire, and earth (Salamanders, undines, gnomes, and sylphs).

The Origin of Demons

The idea of the presence of demons evolved from the ancient Christians who referred to the gods of others who were not Jewish as demons and those nations were said to be making sacrifices to demons instead of the true God of the Jewish people. The bible talks of the demons as wicked spirits who operate as subjects of the devil. when they take control of a human being, they end up causing physical ailments and various illnesses. In a prescientific age, demons are named as causative factors in disease.

In today’s world where spells and gods amongst New Age and occults is rampant, demons are associated with myth and superstition and are believed to be the departed souls of the wicked. Demons exist and are very active on earth causing a lot of problems including mental illness.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 1, 2017