Demonic Possession

Demonic Possession

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A takeover of a person’s physical body and/or personality by an evil entity allowing the entity to be in complete control.

Possession refers to a condition whereby, a person’s soul, mind, body or even all the person is believed to be under the control of a supernatural power. The belief in people being possessed is universal among all societies of humans both primitive and civilized. It is a belief which is ancient and there is a lot of evidence which has been found during man’s earlier stages of culture. In medieval theology, Satan entered the victims directly or by use of an intermediary such as a wizard or a witch and causing the individual to act abnormally and denounce to God.  The demonological literature states that the voice of the person can even change and at times even their appearance too. The body is at times thrown into convulsions and at times some creatures or objects were said to come out of the body of the possessed individual. There is always fear of goodness and sanctity by the possessed person. It is believed that, a cure for demonic possession is through exorcism.

Why The Increase in Demonically possession

Demon possession is common due to the widespread fascination with the black arts which include divination, spiritualism, necromancy, and magic. The black arts don’t account for all the cases of demonic possession in the ancient world but it accounts for a majority of the cases. In New age, demon possession is more rampant among the people of the countries where black arts is practiced. Evidence of demon possession has become more evident with actual cases being reported in English speaking countries and America due to the New Age Movement and with the spread of occult practices and Satanism.

How To Deal With Demon Possession

Due to the increase in the number of people who are demon possessed and the phenomenon becoming real in today’s world, the practice of exorcism where prayers, rituals, incantation and other special methods are used in the expulsion of evil spirits from the possessed persons has also increased. In ancient times, the exorcism was known by both the pagans and Jews, with some Jewish rabbis, Hindus and Muslims still practicing it to this date alongside the pagans.

In the pagan exorcism, the possessed is tortured as they believe that, the spirit which is possessing the person can be afflicted, then driven out through the affliction of the body of the possessed. A certain degree of success is normally achieved through the use of this cruel method.

In ancient times, the pagan cultures used exorcism to draw the demon through the nostrils of the possessed person using a special method. The rite consisted of a nose ring which was special and an incantation.

Before the rites are performed. Loose objects are removed from the room and during the rite, one form of violence may cause an object, whether light or heavy, to move about, and chances of it hitting people present during the rite are very high. People coming from an exorcism might come out with serious physical injuries.

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Demystifying Demonology

Demonology is the study of beliefs about demons or demons, and evil spirits in general. It is a fact that all cultures and religions have various supernatural entities which they consider evil or malicious. In some cultures, these are forces of nature, such as hurricanes. They are considered to be entities with forces of destruction such as the god or goddess of fertility and in some beliefs, they are evil spirits which are on a mission to make one’s life miserable. Christians consider the gods and goddess of the pagan people as demonic meaning, what is demonic or evil is subjective.

Ancient Demon Possession and Exorcism

During ancient times, people tried to prevent being possessed by evil spirits, but once a person came under the influence of demons, a rite called exorcism was carried out in order to rid the person of the evil spirit.

In ancient times, there was an intermediary who was either a witch doctor or a priest/priestess, who was thought to intervene between the affected person and the divine spirits through exorcism.

Preparation of the Magical Objects

According to demonology, the exorcist word prepares a magical concoction which composed of plants, mineral or animals as they were believed to have various powers. Some of the materials used to prepare the concoction included tamarisks, meteoric iron or aerolites, or reeds, animal hair and flour. It was believed that the hawk and ravens possessed supernatural powers while demons and evil spirits were associated with owls. The god of water, Ea, was symbolized by the presence of water, thus it was always sprinkled on the victim during incantations in order to symbolize the victim is being cleansed from the influence of the demon. Spittle was also quite important as it was thought to be poisonous to the demons.


During the cleaning process, certain words, formulas, and syllables were used. The priest sorcerer made sure that the words were pronounced correctly and the recitation of the specific word formula was perfect. The way the incantations were made was similar and the demon could be mentioned by the priest or witch; the one thought to be tormenting the affected person. The witch was the person whom the demon sought to manifest itself and he would ask the demon to either to stop attacking the victim or leave the victim. The witch then invoked the power of the gods or other divine entities.

It was believed that the incantations and rituals were very powerful because they were infused with some type of supernatural powers. The words of the priest or sorcerer were not good enough for a successful exorcism. The name of a particular deity had to be invoked or any other object that was thought to have power over the evil spirit to channel the powers.

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By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012