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An early ritual designed for young (whether in age or practice) to dedicate themselves to the path of the craft or even a specific God or Goddess.

A dedication ritual is normally performed by a pagan who has chosen to be initiated to mark the new path. It is normally a declaration to their chosen gods, but can at the same time be used to give them a new beginning in their beliefs. Most modern pagans find themselves isolated due to their beliefs.

Sometimes they feel alienated as they find it hard to communicate. There is no one around to share their beliefs or because they have not found the right coven for themselves.

Others, they like performing rituals alone - these are known as eclectic practitioners. For these people, they self-dedicate themselves because there is no priest or priestess to help them.  For a group, the coven is initiated through a formal process where one is dedicated to the gods of the tradition and to the group.

When To Self Dedicate

Self-dedication is a ritual which is designed as a template and one which can be adapted or adjusted. It meets personal needs.

One cannot initiate themselves into the traditions because initiation requires a group. So for solitary practitioners, the dedication of path is the way to go. This helps them to cement their relationship with their divine where some people wait to study the tradition for a year and a day before performing the self-dedication rite. Others wait until the new moon in order to perform the self-dedication because that is the time for new beginnings. The most important thing to bear in mind is that self-dedication is a commitment and should never be done in haste without a serious thought about it.

The Purpose Of Dedication

The purpose of this rite is to bring the practitioner closer to their divine and also declare their connection to the spiritual path.

The ritual should be performed when one is naked if possible. It is important to be done in a private, quiet place which is free from distractions. The cell phone and any other interferences should be turned off and no kids should be present.

How Dedication is Done?

Before the ritual is started, the practitioner makes the space conducive as it is presumably holy order to perform the ritual. The altar is the place they keep their tools and any other items which will be used for the dedication that the participant deems necessary.

The ritual starts with the place being marked as sacred by casting a circle. Once the place is consecrated, the chosen gods are called upon through invitation which they respectfully request the gods to honor their presence. Once all the intended gods and others are in attendance, the participant then declares their intention with a personal commitment by announcing why they are performing the ritual and the hope they wish to achieve on their path.

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By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012