Dead squirrel spiritual meaning

Spiritual Meaning Of Dead Squirrel

Spiritual Meaning Of Dead Squirrel

If you have come across something as crazy as a dead squirrel, it may leave you confused, seeking answers to what on earth does this mean. Like what does this mean spiritually? I feel that when a squirrel's life ends it can represent a few things on a superstition or spiritual level.

I read in one book from the 1930s that seeing a dead squirrel “is a reminder to appreciate the present moment” the 'here and now' --- and to cherish life’s small gifts. Just like the squirrel was once rushing about preparing for the future, I feel the message here is that we too shouldn't forget to live in the present and relish what we have around us.

The other week I was tidying up my backyard and came across a dead squirrel, now I have watched this squirrel for several years jumping up and down the trees outside my bedroom window and I was a little bit upset when I saw him/ or her laying on the ground - dead!

And like you, I was worried that the squirrel was sent to me as a sign of death. I often see this symbol (on our own land) pop up when we have been socially paralyzed or shit-in. I understand that your standards may be super high and that the sign of the squirrel (especially if this is gray) is connected to making sure friendships grow. If the squirrel was orange then I feel this is about accepting that you may not get something you want. You might be afraid of being completely alone but this is a sign to say that things are going to be okay. 

Is seeing a dead squirrel good or bad?

I’ve already touched on the key meanings above. I do think this is a positive sign. In my view, a dead squirrel (supported by many points in my spiritual books) is about change, in that change is coming. Every time a politician steps in they promise change. If we look at the biblical meaning of change (not that I am overly religious) this is stated in Malachi 3:6 which states: "I, the Lord, never change" The death of the squirrel is not necessarily connected to a prediction of your death or anything. I believe that everything (including animals) around us can carry deeper meanings and spiritual messages. 

What does coming across a dead squirrel symbolize or mean on a spiritual level?

Finding a dead squirrel can be a weird experience. It's sort of like finding an unexpected twist in your day. To find the true meaning I am going to turn to some older folklore stories and traditions. I feel that seeing a dead squirrel is a message: this is because dead animals are seen as messengers. The squirrel, in particular, in most books spiritually means preparedness, resourcefulness, and foresight. This is for one reason and this is because it gathers and stores nuts for winter. It's almost as if they're planning for the future. 

Another belief that I came across is that seeing a dead squirrel near your home might indicate a need for us to release the old to make way for the new. This could mean letting go of certain habits, worries, or possessions that no longer serve us and may be holding us back. It's like when the seasons change, and the trees shed their leaves, and remember - they're making room for fresh growth. Likewise, I feel that if you have seen a dead squirrel might be a clue to remove all the crap from life-like removing what no longer serves you and focusing on growing.

It’s also been said that seeing a dead squirrel can be a reminder to check in with oneself about one's resources. Are you preparing for the future like squirrels do? Or is this a sign for you to be more focused on planning resources and being ready for future challenges?

In the Chinese traditions, squirrels are seen as a sign of joy, playfulness, and balance. And, finding a dead squirrel could be an encouragement to seek a balance between work and play, seriousness and fun. In the Chinese culture, this is about finding joy, even when it feels like life has stopped moving, just as the squirrel has stopped (due to the death)  its playful run across the trees.

Are there specific superstitions or facts associated with finding a dead squirrel?

Superstitions are crazy things, aren't they? They’re like old tales told around the campfire, offering a glimpse into how people of the past made sense of the world. Each culture has its own set of beliefs that are passed down through generations, and animals often play a central role in these narratives.

Regarding squirrels, I have read so many superstitions. The English believe that a dead squirrel could be a bad omen, indicating a loss or a coming difficulty. However, the Welsh Folkore states seeing a dead orange squirrel is a positive sign, a sort of spiritual cleansing, or an end to a period of strife or struggle.

In a more practical sense just be a bit careful if you come across a dead squirrel, as it may carry diseases. It’s a fact that squirrels, like any wildlife, can be carriers of nasty stuff, so it’s wise to keep a respectful distance -- not out of superstition, but for your health. I was only told when I was a teenager that squirrels are rats --- so just be careful.

What does it mean to see a dead squirrel on the driveway?

To see a dead squirrel on your driveway (or on the road) can also be seen as the end of cranky things in life and a sign to slow down. Given their usually hyped-up energy running about collecting nuts this could be a message here to take a breath, to pause, and to slow down the pace at which you're moving through your own life. Remember as well squirrels help plants grow by burying nuts that then sprout into trees so the reason I mention this is that a dead squirrel might reinforce the notion of life, death, and rebirth. It's a cycle that's, raw, and as old as time, representing the flow of life itself.

How can I use this experience for personal growth?

Facing the weird and messy sight of a squashed dead squirrel on the road can freak you out a bit, yes, personal growth is important but this is about the fact you need to pause and reflect on deeper truths. This is about making sure you don’t project that depressed scared past onto your bright future. I get it (I have been there) your feelings are valid, and acknowledging them can be the first step toward personal growth. So seeing a squashed squirrel is about your personal growth. To see a dead squirrel in the wild (like in a wood or field etc) means it is okay to feel whatever you’re feeling, whether it’s sorrow, confusion, or that you have been ghosted by someone. 

Conclusion of seeing a dead squirrel

I’ve covered quite a bit but I believe that seeing a dead squirrel is about harnessing the truth that life and death are both teachers. They are the two sides of the same coin, and this squirrel has come to you to show you that everything is temporary and is reminding you to live with intention, compassion, and awareness.

Life offers a spectrum of encounters - some of joy and light, others of shadow and reflection. Each encounter that you have with every animal, each moment that catches you out and you see something like this is a chapter in the larger narrative of your growth. Remember, lovely, that like the squirrel you need to find the trails to your deepest transformations.

By Florance Saul
Mar 4, 2024