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Often interpreted as an alternate form of DEMON (see DEMON) this term is actually the Greek word referring to a spirit.

Demons have been centre stage in life for many years. Demons are considered evil. They are focused on chaos and ultimate evil. In this astral plane we have dealt with Demons in three principal ways. Firstly, head-on battle, secondly avoiding Demons and finally facing them or meeting them in the astral plane.

Demons can come through many different avenues, in my experience this is mostly through dreams. Therefore, if you got to this website because you dreamt of a demon  it is important to understand why things happen, read more about demons to recognise the name - to understand more about the dream.

The general religion folklore around Demons is negative. We all look for explanations when evil occurs in our lives.  Most people have a balance being both good and evil. Some people more evil than good. If we look at Demons from a religious perspective the evil is prevalent.  

It is a cycle of life, then death and finally rebirth. We have taken elements of the Bible in the literal sense, in that evil serves us in order to test us within this astral plane.  

The big question that we have is is there a hell? What happens in the afterlife?

Looking at Christianity we are all aware of Satan the devil and equally the good of God. The concepts of the devil have been prevalent in our society for many years.

So who are demons?

Demons are the lower tier of evil they have many disguises, operating under many different names. In pagan terms they are part of the natural process of life. Christianity believes that they are evil and perhaps fallen angels, they are cast outs even ostracised by God.

In much religious text’s Demons have a long history associated with the physical lives of people on this plane.  On a more serious note Demons can cause illnesses, money loss and general bad luck. If we look at the “dihinn of Arabian” lore,  it is documented that Demons were  on earth before God.  It is believed that Demons are constantly around us in life. Many people believe in angels. And if this this is the case then Angels and Demons go hand in hand. Some people believe that angels exist and demons don’t. Which is odd because as long as you have good you also have bad.  

We have covered demonic  possession in another article. But it is important to give it some sort of attention when understanding what Demons are. The possession of a person can cause insanity. From a Christian perspective,  a spiritual warrior can remove the demon from a human being.  These are known as exorcists and are Christians that battle evil.

If we looking at a spiritual context demons play important roles in occultism. These Demons are called upon during magical rituals, some Demons have good in them and some don’t. There is something important to note in regards to occult Demons. That is many people use Demon magic in order to gain wealth, knowledge and power. So what is in exchange? It is our soul!  Is it really worth conducting demon magic if our soul is sold to the devil upon death.  

In many respects,  Demons are associated with destruction. Let’s look at some popular Demons. We have covered these more important Demons in separate articles within the website so don’t forget to  look up the name in order to read more about the Demons.

Abandon: this daemon is associated with the angel of death, destruction and to destroy. In magic this demon and has the same equated power as Satan. The name is often evoked in rituals for negative deeds.  This demon and is the Prince who rules the seventh hierarchy of Demons.  If we look at the old Testament Abandon is the name of hell.

Abexethibou: this demon lives in a red sea. He was featured in the Testament of Solomon. According to the Egyptians this demon and is trapped under the pillow of air until another demon named Ephippas  takes him to King Solomon. King Solomon subsequently blinds  both these Demons until the end of time.

Abraxas: this is a highly ranked demon (number 365th) Gnostic name for demigod and and was held by the Egyptian goddess Isis. This Egyptian goddess created the sun and was mistress of all the gods. Abraxas was also connected to the Persian tradition. Carl G Jung  did some writing on Abraxas and believed that he was evil and dark. In the psychology he described that this angel was associated with  personal and physical conflict.

Agares: this angel was supposed to be the fallen Angel of King Solomon. He was second of the 72 spirits of Solomon. He was also the first Duke of the East. This demon and causes destruction in terms of earthquakes but on the other side teaches languages and is capable of destroying many spiritual entity.

Botis (Otis): this was a fallen  angel and described as the 17th of the 72 spirits of King Solomon. Botis  appears as an ugly snake in human form,  he has big teeth and horns.

Buer: this fallen angel is number 10 of the 72 spirits  of King Solomon. He is associated with a high rank position. He governs more than 50 legions of demons.

Cimeries: is a fallen angel within the King Solomon 72 spirits. He rules many African hoodoo spirits. In terms of his appearance, he rides a black horse. In terms of his uses he teaches logic and finds lost objects and people.

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012