Black Magic Curses

Black Magic Curses

Think about this, life consists of the balance of both positive and negative situations. It is common to encounter negative energies, negative behavior in others, or negative forces that lead to even more negative situations. Just like a set of spiral stairs. There is a knock-on effect of every situation.

Consider, for instance, the saying “why do I get so much bad luck?” It all starts with something not going to plan. After the annoying initial results, there is a bounce effect that causes everything else to go wrong. If we don't have a normal happy life with people or events that make us smile, the downward path will continue. This can lead to more negativity.

But what about people? It can sometimes seem that everyone is turning against us when we are arguing with one another. Sometimes we may wonder, "What is the problem with everyone?" But the truth is that we could be infected by an invisible wave of negative energy. All these negative vibrations surrounding us will make others see us as a threat. Their instinctive response might be to protect themselves. We will soon be surrounded by more negative energy.

Negative influences can have a variety of effects on us. They can cause mild symptoms like feeling knackered, having a health scare, breakup, or experiencing bad luck. Friends, readers, and strangers have approached me for my advice when they felt something wasn't right or normal in their lives. They might be concerned about feeling depressed, or experiencing a drained feeling in life. I have seen people who felt a sense of "strangeness" in the way they perceived themselves or their spiritual well-being. It could have been an unexplainable spate or inexplicable river of bad luck. You start to think when people are constantly faced with obstacles that made it impossible for them to succeed.

How do you know you are cursed?

You never really know to be honest. It might mean you experience a series of bad luck that lasts a long time. Many people who have been in severe cases report that friends or associates treated them badly, leaving them feeling outcasts and humiliated. You might feel an uncontrollable sense of impending doom. Many people have suspected they were cursed. They may have been visited by unwelcome negative forces.

Negativity can attract more of the same negative energies and make a condition worse. Often, a person doesn't know how to treat a disease or what they can do to help. This leads to feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and fear of the unknown. These situations can lead to isolation, bitterness, or anger.

These consequences can lead to further psychological injuries and a vicious circle of emotional distress. Spiritual well-being is affected when the mind and body go beyond normal. They are now attracted to and surrounded by more negative forces. Their caregivers and significant others are also affected by this.

In our world, both positive and negative forces are equally balanced. This is unfortunately true for people as well. Even though some people have exhibited bad behavior, good people believe that everyone has good qualities. Many of us struggle to see the positive in others. Bad people see the good in others and view their demeanors and values as weaknesses. These predators include sociopaths and sociopaths as well as thieves, con artists, scammers, and abusers. They are always looking for prey to steal something of value.

Sociopaths and narcissists may want to take social or work status from a partner or family member. The abusers want to take away freedom, and self-worth from others. Scammers, con artists, and thieves will try to get material possessions and/or sexual satisfaction. These people are often thrill-seekers People who are not conscious of their actions and seek to use others for their own ends.

These predators immediately target their victims and then masterfully manipulate their victims' control. They gradually empower their victims by depriving them of their self-esteem. This leaves them fearful and doubtful and forces them to rely upon the predator for an unrealized redemption or recovery. The victims' emotional and spiritual well-being is compromised throughout the whole process, leaving them vulnerable to any negative forces that may be present.

Though curses are an unusual topic, they are real and there are various books on the topic in New Age bookstores. On television, there are several teenage witch programs, but the truth is, a curse is not a toy and is normally emotionally traumatizing, especially for those who are affected. A curse can be defined as an intentional act of negativity toward a person or an object.

They are far beyond angry words, or swear words; they are acts that come from the spiritual realms.  Whatever experience one has with curses, it is best to understand that, they course a negative energy around the one cursed.

What is A Black Magic Curse?

A curse is an incarnation or a prayer spoken or written in order for someone else to be hurt. In most cases, it causes a negative impact on whoever is being cursed by the use of imprecation, witchcraft, magic, a spirit, or natural forces. To call on the divine power to send injury upon something or someone means that misfortune will befall someone or a place or an object. The belief in curses is used to explain misfortunes, failures, places or things, or specific people.

A curse can be caused by a supernatural power like a god or gods, a natural force, or a spirit. It can be a spell of witchcraft or magic. When a curse is through magic, it is normally referred to as a jinx or a Hex. The curse accompanied by a ritual is thought to have a causative force and to reverse or eliminate a curse, which is referred to as breaking or removing has to be accompanied by strong prayers or elaborate rituals. Curses are often viewed as scary words by many people. Curses are often viewed as dark and evil, something God would not approve of. If you feel you are cursed I will provide practical steps anyone can follow to get rid of any curses that might affect you, no matter where they are on their Christian journey. Before we go into black magic and removing curses I wanted to share a story with you. 

Whether it's used for personal gain, harming others, or creating chaos, it can serve many purposes. Many people associate black magic with evil spirits and dark forces, but that is not always the case. Negative energy is simply used to achieve a goal. The practice of black magic can take many forms, and it is not limited to any one culture or belief system. As black magic's negative energy can easily backfire, it is important to use it only for positive purposes.

Black magic is commonly used to hex or curse someone. The goal is to interfere in some way with the person's life with the use of negative energy. A curse or hex can be placed on a person, an animal, an object, or even a location. Hexes and curses are intended to harm or misfortune their targets. Curses and hexes are often used to exact revenge on someone or to cause them suffering.

Deception is another common use of black magic. One way to do this is to make someone believe they are seeing something that isn't really there or to make them hear things that aren't really being said. Deception of this type can be used to trick people into doing things that they wouldn't normally do, or to make them believe things that aren't true.

The use of black magic can also be used to summon spirits or demons. Negative energy is used to summon these entities from the spirit world. A spirit or demon can cause harm or chaos in the physical world, or they can help achieve a goal. In all cases, black magic should be used only for positive purposes, no matter what its purpose may be. There is a risk that its negative energy will backfire, causing more harm than good. Before using black magic, consult with a professional if you are unsure whether it is right for you.

How do you remove a black magic curse?

The following steps can help you remove the curse if you believe you have been the victim of black magic. To begin with, you should try to find out who cursed you. It is then possible to work on removing the curse once you identify the person who placed it.

There are a few different ways to remove a black magic curse. One way is to use white magic. White magic is the opposite of black magic, and it uses positive energy instead of negative energy. White magic can be used to cancel out the effects of black magic or to reverse the curse. Another way to remove a black magic curse is to use protection spells. These spells can be used to create a barrier between you and the curse or to block the curse from affecting you. There are many different protection spells available, so you will need to find one that works best for you. Finally, you can also try to break the curse yourself. This is usually done by performing a ritual or ceremony that is designed to break the curse. However, this should only be attempted if you are absolutely sure that you can do it safely. If you are not sure, it is always best to consult with a professional before attempting to break the curse yourself.

Prayer to break a curse

Dear God,

Break the curses that have been placed upon me. It is true that I am not perfect and that I have made mistakes, but I am deeply sorry for them. Please forgive me and lift the curse from me. I ask you to fill my life with walls of protection so all Satanists, spells, charms, psychic prayers, thoughts, voodoo, hoodoo, potions, destruction, sickness, prayer chain, candle burning, and any other negative practice that comes my way or my families way will be stopped and destroyed. Return all curses to the sender, threefold. I cut the cords that surround me with these curses and break the negative energy around me. Everything negative in my life I will ask you god, to remove and only let positive energy in my life. Calling on the angels as they shine down looking after me to protect my home with white light and healing.

According to Scripture, you will bless those who obey you and curse those who disobey you. Your word tells me that I should repent and ask that you bless me as a result of my disobedience. I also ask for your protection against further curses. Putting on the armor of God and standing firm in my faith, I know that you will fight for me and give me victory.

In Jesus’ Name,


A black magic story

I am going to share a black magic story with you. Originally from Burkina Faso, Foutanga Babani Sissoko self-describes as a black magician and fraudster. Most famously, he is known for playing a role in the so-called "black magic bank congo" scam, in which he and other conspirators promised victims magical power and wealth for millions of dollars. His birthplace is Dori, Burkina Faso, where he was born in 1958. Within a few years, he dropped out of school and became a farmer. During his twenties, he claimed to have been taught the secrets of black magic by a "spiritual messenger." Afterward, he claimed to cure people of diseases and grant them magical powers.

When Sissoko lived in exile in Burkina Faso in the early 1990s, he met a man named El Hadj Moussa Diori. After being ousted in a coup d'état in 1977, Diori was the former president of the Republic of Congo (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo). The Congolese leader asked Sissoko to help him regain power, and Sissoko agreed. The plan was to raise money by creating a fake bank called the "black magic bank congo." They promised potential investors that they would gain magical powers and become wealthy through the bank. In fact, Sissoko claimed he had turned lead into gold by using the bank.

Millions of dollars were quickly raised from unsuspecting victims. Sissoko and Diori instead pocketed the money rather than using it to finance a revolution in Congo. Burkina Faso (a policeman) eventually caught and arrested them in 1996. It took Sissoko four years to serve his 10-year prison sentence, but he was released after only four. Despite Diori's death in 2004, Sissoko is still alive and living in Burkina Faso. He has never admitted to any wrongdoing and continues to claim that the black magic bank congo was a legitimate enterprise. The bank was shut down after Sissoko and Diori were arrested. All of the money that was invested in the bank was lost.

Black Magic Used For Cursing

There are two types of magic; black and white magic. White magic doesn’t cause any harm to others while black magic is used to harm people like in the case of curses.

In black magic, the magician does not concern themselves with legality, ethics, or spiritual consequences. While it is advisable for those practicing black magic to avoid running up against the law in order to protect themselves, they care less. Placing curses on others has always been associated with black magic.

The Reality of Curses

Due to more and more people joining the occult, they are on the rise in western culture. Apart from the occult, people are involved in organizations where they take secret oaths which invoke curses such as the Masons. Emotionally, curses invoke a feeling of despair and confusion and make the one cursed to have the inability to think straight.  Anything looted from a sanctuary or looted from its rightful owner is referred to as a cursed object.

Why Be Cursed?

Curses may be aimed at someone due to hatred, jealousy, envy, idolatry, greed, the use of magic, desire for revenge, and spiritual conflict. 

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012