Crown chakra

Crown Chakra

Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

Representing the ability to be fully and completely spiritually connected and is located at the very top of the head.

Emotionally, the Crown Chakra deals with beauty, inner and outer, and the connection to spirituality and bliss. Many traditions describe the use of the Crown as their link to the divine or the heavens. High magick practitioners use this point as their connection to the vast universe, that allows them to link to the astral temple where they do their ritual work. Earth magic practitioners such as Wiccans and witches, have similar practices as well. The importance of this chakra is the ability to understand one’s universal self and their relationship to the spiritual realms that do not exist empirically on this plane.

Attributes of the Chakra

  • Crystals: Clear Quartz and Amethyst
  • Location on the Body: Top of the head
  • Affirmations:  “I will know what there is to be known when it needs to be known”

Crown Chakra

Colors and Meditation Correspondences

The energy of the Crown chakra emanates with a pulsating white or sometimes violet hue and it is balanced out with a pale yellow, sometimes seen as a opaque gold. Like the Third-Eye chakra these colors may slightly vary from individual to individual, so the first goal is to focus on the energy on your own body. Imagine a crown above your head, hovering there like the crescent of stars that you sometimes see in Christian artwork. For some, it may appear as a halo. The goal of this exercise is to feel the sensations when you change the color visualizations in your meditation. Many people, especially those that lack experience with working with this chakra, will find that changing the color of the energy on their own requires a lot of concentration. If you have difficulties changing the color of the energy in your meditation, simply allow your body to relax, perhaps work on a Root chakra mediation first and then work your way up to each until you have more control over your Crown chakra.

The Balance of the Chakra

When there is an excess of energy within this chakra, a person may notice a feeling of disattachment from the body. Others state that they feel a sense of confusion or religious zealoutry. When there is too much energy in the Crown, it can push a person to want to do more, be greater, but their focus is off and so it comes off as eccentric or sometimes arrogance of morality. 

A lack of energy in this chakra can result in feelings of insecurity, especially emotional or spiritual doubt. While the lesson of this chakra is the voice, which is why you will see traditions of practice include vibration and chanting in the inner workings of this chakra. Interestingly, these practices are also considered dramatic by many, difficult to feel comfortable doing. This is a good reminder because one of the main lessons of the Crown chakra is learning to find that internal spiritual voice and trusting it. When energies are low in this area, people will often feel unmotivated, closed-minded and materialistic as their focus shifts to the physical plane.

To balance the chakra, one must be aware of the purpose and spend time becoming familiar with the attributes. Vocalizations of words are a good way to resonate the power of a chakra and the sound for the Crown is “ing”. The affirmation for this chakra all about understanding the unknown and gaining mastery over the external forces that can sometimes pull people down. Because the lessons in this chakra relate to wisdom and intelligence, focusing on the ways in which you can balance your own internal needs. This requires internal balance and because of this, before you work you should focus on all of the other chakras within the body as well.

The best practices for maintaining a healthy energy balance within the chakra is taking on what you can handle and being aware of your own personal boundaries. When seeking to balance out this energy, you will often find that you are in a position where you need to say no or you need to establish boundaries. Doing so will allow you better control over this chakra.

By Florance Saul
Feb 25, 2017