Craft Name

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A general term to refer to witchcraft.

Unfortunately this term was overly popularized by the movie, The Craft in the mid-90s and often can be used as a derogatory term. When a practitioner says, “I practice the craft,” for example, it means that they engage in witchcraft.

The Craft is often seen as a game to the novice, there is a fad influenced by Hollywood in which young teenagers attempt to play games like 'light as a feather stiff as a board' or the Ouija board, never realizing they might actually call a wandering spirit into their home.

These types practice the craft in an immature and often irresponsible manner and can thus be called posers known only for watching the movie the Craft one too many times.

Learn More About Craft Names

Are you a witch and want your identity to remain secret. This is important to protect yourself against magical harm. The Wiccans and other practitioners of Neopagan witchcraft use the craft name, which is at times referred to as magical. It is normally used to hide the identity of those who want privacy, especially the ones who are still in the broom closet, to enable them to show devotion to their religion or it can be used to imply that, the bearer is being initiated to a new level in the cult. It is also used to hide someone’s identity as the Wiccans and other Neopagans believe that, one’s name can be used as a Tagalock to reveal the identity of a person for purposes of magically activities. So a craft name is adopted so that the new initiates can use it to identify themselves with the world of witches.

Why The Secrecy in The Craft Names

It is believed that there is power in names. The practitioners believe that, knowing one’s real name is dangerous as there is power in a name; the craft name can be used by witches to give them magical powers over the owner. With many spells requiring a person’s name to be written on an object or a piece of paper. The craft names also carry them, the holder’s aspirations and heritage. It is normally selected through divination, meditation or study. Some are even given the names by the high priestess. As witches advance in levels, they take on new craft names.

How To Find a Craft Name

There is a process in acquiring a craft name but if one is doing it by themselves, then it becomes a fun process.  

Take index cards or some sheet of papers or even a notebook. On top of each page, one is to write favorite animal which can be subdivided into mammals, birds, fish; favorite color; favorite season; favorite element; favorite plants which can be subdivided into flowers, herbs, trees; favorite gemstones; and favorite deities.

One can come up with as many headings as possible. Start making a list short words and also long. Review the first list - among the many words and evaluate the answers.

Now review the list if a word one is in the list should be placed aside. The option will be narrowed, then the list will spread before the person looking for a craft name. The magic name can comprise various names combined or just a single name of something. Words combined can form a unique name for the practitioner.

Choosing the Craft Name

There is no right or wrong way of choosing a craft name. It is only through the mind that the magical name should represent the higher self of the bearer and their personal ideas and values. By finding one’s spirit guide using natural elements such as trees, flowers, natural incidents, and seasons, one can get a strong magical name; the celestial universe can also give a unique name.

Now you know more about fake names used in magic. If you liked this article explore more in our occult dictionary.

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012