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A group of witches led by a High Priest and/or a High Priestess who meet to worship and practice magic.

Traditionally limited to 13, though most are significantly smaller. Each person within a coven will have gone through a certain amount of training (most traditions state that this is a year and a day) and then they will each have a place or purpose within the coven.

Things to Know About The Coven

A coven refers to a gathering of witches in the Neopagan and Wiccan traditions.  It is equivalent to a congregation in the Christian perspective.

It is a congregation of the Wiccans or pagans for the purpose of performing a ritual or a ceremony such as celebrating of the Sabbat or drawing down the moon. Covens vary in numbers depending on what is being carried out. It is thought that thirteen is the ideal number though any group of three people is ideal to make a coven.

In the Wiccan, a group of two is referred to as a working couple and not a coven. It is believed that a coven which has more than thirteen is unwieldy, which are unfair to their leadership. The minute a coven increases in numbers, it is split into two.

In Wiccan coven, if there is a newly made high priestess or high priest is bestowed with the third-degree ordination, it necessitates that, the coven be split.

What is A Coven

A coven is not a family, is not a conventional school, is not a church, is not a club nor is it a substitute for a family. It is a group of like-minded people who normally come together with an understanding that, there is strength in numbers. It is a group of like-minded people who have worked hard to achieve rapport so that, whatever they agree on when it come to rituals, flows naturally throughout the group.

Each member of the coven is supposed to understand that, ambition, self-confidence, absolute honesty, and sincerity are the critical characteristics of a witch who is dedicated to their craft. In a coven, there is no room for differences in belief and personal agendas are not entertained. Everything that happens in a coven has to be in the interest of the entire coven.

Dedication to becoming a member of a coven is a serious thing and should never be taken upon lightly. It is important that one has to understand their obligations and rights as members of the coven at various levels before committing themselves.

It is in a coven that members are provided with an avenue where they can share their craft related experiences, group meditation, and working together to raise energy for magic, enlightenment, and spiritual growth.  So if one has a question regarding their rights and obligations as members of a coven, it is best to consult with the priest or priestess in person as soon as the question arises.

Before one gets the right coven for themselves, they are allowed to work in solitary until such a time when they get one.

Some try one coven after another until they get one which they are compatible with. It is believed that one has to trust in the gods to lead them to the correct coven when the time is appropriate for them. After establishing a coven, there is no guarantee that one will last in it forever.

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By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012