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Materials used in magick which relate to their specific goal.

These can be herbs, stones, moon phases, colors, numbers, etc. An example would be mugwort used in a dream spell, as mugwort is a popular herb corresponding to dreams.

Each item, color, candle, herb, or mineral, etc. has a correspondence to something else.

Much like everything is connected, these correspondences assist in ritual when perhaps one element is not present or to increase the powers of another thing by having more correspondences regarding the desire.

The Correspondence Used In Magic

Categorization has been used throughout history to enable scholars to understand the world. The natural world’s earliest scholars were priests, magicians, philosophers, shamans, and astrologers. They organised magical workings in categories depending on the impact made on them; according to medicinal and magical values and checking these values against other existing things. That is what brought about the modern magic system we have today.

Here are some of the correspondences used in the magic world

Colour Correspondence

Using the color correspondence, it helps those who practice magic to choose the altar decorations, the color of the candles and when planning an act worship or spell worship. Energies can be brought into a home by the home color décor and clothes choices on a daily basis. Colors have deep symbolic meanings, making them be more subjective than any other correspondences. It is important that the colors being used in magic have a personal meaning. The color has to make sense in the spell before one settles on it. Any color correspondence table should be taken as a guide and not law.

Herb Keyword Correspondence

It is important to know the type of herbs and what they correspond to in the magic world. We have a herb dictionary on the site to understand more about herbs but here are a few important ones:

  • Acacia represents the afterlife.
  • Aloe represents accidents, Aphrodite beauty, cancer, feminine, home, love, moon protection.
  • Aconite represents the baneful.
  • Amaranth represents death, Artemis, heartbreak, dead, immortality, nutrition, protection.
  • African violet represents the feminine, home, protection, spirituality – venus water.
  • Angelica represents babies, blessings, banishing, defense, evil exorcism, garden, healing, health hexes.
  • Agapanthus represents the aphrodisiac, expectorant, fertility, love, mars, pregnancy toxic.
  • Apple represents afterlife Aphrodite, fertility, fidelity, Friday, fruit, love, marriage.
  • Astragalus represents fertility, lust, fire, mars, Jupiter, stamina, potency, wands.
  • Bayberry represents feminine, earth, Jupiter, money, luck, prosperity.

Mineral Keyword correspondence

All minerals are used in the magical world for a different purpose. The Agate ring was famous with the Persian magi and was used as jewelry in Babylon. It is believed that it has the power to heal poison especially from stings and bites by preventing the spread of the disease, promote eloquence, calm rough weather, and helps to ensure that the good of others and victory is granted. If placed on the head of someone who is asleep, it is believed that it will induce great dreams.

Amber is another mineral which is believed to have magical powers. The name amber comes from a Greek word which means beaming sun.

Amber correspondences include; god/goddesses; angel; verchiel; Jurate; oshun; as an element, it refers to fire, as a sign, it refers to Leo and Aquarius; as a planet, it refers to the sun, Sabbat, Lughnasadh, Lammas, Samhain. It was used traditionally by Roman gladiators for courage and protection and it is normally recommended for masseurs and chiropractors.

Days of the Week Correspondences

Each day in the week corresponds to the energies of one of the classical planets which make to carry magical energies with it. Magicians, pagans, and witches at times choose to time their worship or spell casting basing on the day of the week.

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By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012