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Consecration allows you to bind your magical energy to an item, essentially blessing or imbuing the object with the will of your manifestation.

Many spells require that tools be consecrated after being cleansed. Consecration is also equated to bless an object with all elements for purposes of magic use and it should always be done after cleansing.

There are several ways in which a tool can be cleansed:

  • It can be passed through sage smoke.
  • Can be buried in the earth for 3 days.
  • Can be washed using pure spring water with sea salt.
  • It can be left overnight during a full moon or new moon.

Consecration With Elements

A practicing witch has to consecrate tools to the elements as they play an important role in their lives. Consecration and cleansing the tools using the elements of the cardinal directions makes the tools to have the attributes associated with the tools.

During the consecration ritual, one requires the following tools:

  • Dish of salt water.
  • Candle, light colored.
  • Sage wand.

The space for the ritual is set, a meditation is carried out or a circle is drawn to the mind is clear. The god and the goddess are invoked, then the candle is lit and placed in the hands on the tool; it is passed over the fire, through the sage smoke, and then, the salty water is sprinkled over it. The god and the goddess are thanked for joining the practitioner during the consecration process and the candle and sage are left to burn down.

During the consecration process of the tools, one is able to gain extra strength and be calmed towards self and the work, allowing the practitioner to focus their energy without constraint. There are varied opinions as to what is the best time to consecrate tools. However, just as with other rituals, it is best to be done depending on the moon phases.

Dedication/Presentation to God

After the tools have been cleansed, consecrated, and empowered, they are then presented to the god and goddess so that they are able to be used in the service of the chosen deities of the practitioner. During this presentation, the practitioner should add a few words which help to ensure that there is no harm that will come to someone else by use of the tools.

It is up to the user to decide whom they are dedicating the tools to first; if the tools are to be used by a specific gender, then it has to be dedicated to the specific deity; the lord for masculine and lady for feminine. For the tools for fertility and the womb like the cauldron or Chalice, they will automatically be presented to the lady/goddess. The besom and Athame represent phallically, thus they will be presented to the god first.

It is up to the practitioner to decide whom to dedicate their tools to and, thus no standard requirements as to what is supposed to be the deity who should receive them before the other.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 16, 2017