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Chi refers to that which gives life.

In terms of the body, Chi is what differentiates between a corpse and someone who is alive. It is the basis of acupuncture and on the basis of the bible, Chi is that which God breathed life into the dust to come up with Adam. It is this strong life force which makes a human being alive, present and alert; when it is weak, it makes a human being fatigued and sluggish. One has an option of developing their Chi in order to conquer illnesses and become vibrant and enhance mental capacity.

In most ancient cultures, there is the concept of life forces. In India, they call it Prana, in China they call it Chi, and Native Americans refer to it as the Great Spirit while the Japanese call it Ki. For all the cultures, this idea of a life force is central to their healing and medicine. For Chinese, their acupuncture and medicines are based on enhancing and balancing chi in order to bring the body into the level of health.

How To Build Chi In The Body?

It is possible to increase energy in a human body, thus developing of Chi can be someone who is weak to be strong again and one who is ill to feel healed. If the Chi is high, mental capability goes high again.

The chi concept extends beyond the physical body and refers also to the subtle energies which activate the human functions including thought and emotions. If the Chi is unbalanced, it causes the emotions to be distressed and agitated, but if it is in a balanced state, the emotions become more satisfying and smooth. When the mental chi is revitalized, it enhances one’s creativity at all levels – childbearing, art, relationships, and business. The Chi spiritual part makes it possible for one enter into self-consciousness of a higher state which is the core of religious experience.

How Chi Circulate

When the chi circulates in the entire body, one doesn’t feel any pain and it gives one optimum health without disruption in a powerful fashion that is smooth. If the circulation of chi is blocked, one automatically becomes ill and has pain all over the body. If the life force or chi energy in one’s acupuncture meridian lines if fully circulated and connected without blockages; there will be no diseases or pain in the body.

The goal of the Chinese medicine is based on Tai Chi, acupuncture, and qigong. They eradicate blockages for the chi which in the process, gets rid of the pain of diseases and makes one feel healthy again. Chi has been recognized as the force of life which enables the body to think and perform movement which is voluntary. This power can be seen as it enables one to move and feel alive. It is a movement of energy in the cosmos, and in all other movements and changes.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 16, 2017