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The act of empowering an herb stone or other magickal object with one's own energies directed towards a magical purpose. 

When the practitioner uses their own energy to charge a magical item, it becomes a pretty simple procedure is follow. The object (that needs charging) is placed on a surface which is flat. The energy is then removed through visualization where the participant imagines a white gold light flowing from their heart to the object. The practitioner needs the intent to cleanse and remove the entire negative energies from the item.

Charging an item can happen in many different ways. 

How To Charge a Magical Item?

Charging an item for magical use is sometimes referred to as consecrating it. There are two ways in which this can be done with the simplest instructions, using personal energy, candles or through a ritual.

It is up to each individual to choose which method best suits them before deciding to use it. It is a personal choice and no strings are attached to any specific way.

Using Personal Energy For Charging

Another popular way to charge a magical item - is where the participant places their hand on the object and gently presses on it. This works as long as the object is not sharp. While pressing, they visualize all the negative energies are released from the object onto the ground. Deep breaths can be taken and visualization of a blue-white light resonating from the divine and flowing into the object, thus charging and empowering it in the process.

Charging Through a Ritual

There are several things one needs in order to charge an item using the ritual way:

  • Chalice that is not gold.
  • Alter.
  • A silver or copper chain.
  • Anointing Oil.
  • Five blue candles.
  • Sterilized water (can be boiled).
  • One black candle.
  • Two white candles.
  • Materials for circle casting which include sand, chalk and salt.
  • Procedure
  • A circle is cast onto the ground (some use pentagram).
  • The altar is then placed in the center of the circle facing in the east.
  • The five blue candles are lit and placed at each point of the pentagram.
  • The black candle is placed at the center of the altar and lit.
  • The two white candles are placed each facing the side of the black candle towards the corner of the altar, that is, in case the altar is a triangle.
  • The chalice is then filled with water, which is purified and placed in front of the black candle which is close to the participant.
  • The participant should sit in the center of the circle and clear their mind. The energy that is surrounding them is then to be drawn in so that they can be embedded in the item which is to be charged.
  • Using the anointing oil, some are placed on the participant’s index finger and rubbed onto the magical item as some magical words are recited. (Some people have learned certain spells from their coven.)
  • After reciting the spell, the tool is then passed through the black candle flame. If the item is wooden, it should be passed quickly in order to avoid it from being burned.
  • The item is then dipped into the chalice of the water which is purified.
  • Once the ritual is done, the item is then wrapped loosely with copper or silver chain and placed somewhere where it should not be disturbed for about three days,
  • The tool is now charged.

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By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012