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Chaote is the practitioner of the chaotic magic which is a form of magic which works according to a set of laws.

Chaotic magic can be split into two poles; goddess Kosmos who represents order and femininity and god Kaos who represent chaos and masculinity. There are six general rules which guide the Chaote when they are practicing this type of magic and the laws are considered to be universal.

The six laws include:

  • When a point is stimulated towards the desired goal, the results are normally worse before they become better. If the immediate results are good, then they become suspect.
  • One has to change the structure of the system if they want permanent change.
  • It is not obvious to stimulate the special points one finds in life.
  • When feedback loops in a system, it becomes harder to predict the behavior.
  • When a system is complex, the cause and effect are normally farther away.
  • Small changes can bring long lasting changes to a system’s special point.

The above laws are what the Chaotes use to bring about magical results. As long as the laws applied to magic are valid, it will definitely work. And this is why most leading occultists normally refer to magic as both an art and science. The scientific aspect is due to the laws or principles which are applied while the artistic aspect is due to the application of the laws. The effects and causes of the laws are what is normally referred to as the karma.

The Chaos Laws

There are nine laws which the chaotic magic bases its practice. These laws could be unknown or known, but one thing about magic is that they do not accept the supernatural, miracles or unexplained phenomena. They believe that everything in the universe functions according to a set law.

The nine chaotic laws include:

  • The initial condition of a complex system will determine its condition in the long term.
  • When a system is complex, it is not possible to reverse it.
  • Feedback loops determines the independence of a system; the more independent a system is, the more feedback loops it requires.
  • Tension between Kosmos and Chaos is what create creative activities.
  • Chaos and Kosmos manifest themselves together. The actions of Kosmos is similar to those of Chaos with an infinite number of paths which are possible. Change and stability mirror each other.
  • Magic points are found on all complex dynamic systems, meaning, magical points are rarely obvious, and when a magic point is stimulated, it gets worse before becoming better – always.
  • There is cooperation between living things because they cooperate. Life makes sure that it creates its own conditions for existence.
  • It is hard to predict the future of a complex system.
  • Even if one sees complex systems to be at equilibrium, they are not really at equilibrium.

The Chaote follow the above laws when practicing their chaos magic and it works for them. We hope you liked this article. Please support us by liking us on Facebook. Thank you in advance.

By Florance Saul
Feb 16, 2017