Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

The act of allowing the body to work as a conduit of energies between alternate planes of existence – as seen when a medium allows her body to be used to allow those that have past to speak through.

Channeling is focused on communicating with the divine being. This is a two-way method of communication which can provide a key to uncovering the psychic powers within. In essence channelling is normally carried out through meditation. It is normally connecting through voice, music, imagery, pictures from the divine, visions or signs. Most people channel through meditations.

We start to channel at different levels. Maybe you're reading this article because some of you have been experiencing this for quite a long time now and the more you experience the more you realise we live within levels of frequency.

In order to connect to these levels we generally channel to connect to our divine self.  One can find themselves ready to get to another “spiritual” level. This is not the same is constantly fixing and preparing yourself which you know can become addictive - it is more a question using meditation to rise to a level of frequency and level of connection.

Maybe you believe that it is time to receive the guidance or inspiration. In meditations you may be rocketing up to another frequency. Channelling to the divine can be a shock, this is termed a spiritual awakening, this can be triggered by situations and anything from refinancing to a change of economic circumstances, or even a physical accident.

You will know the need to channel your energy. Changes be precipitated by a psychic attack that makes you realise that there is more than just the physical universe.

When you actually experience channelling with the divine - it can feel very real and uncover the doorway into realising that as people we are energy beams!

Before you came into this incarnation it was agreed when you will awaken and channel into your guides - at this particular time that it might be the set of circumstances that would trigger the channelling. So if you are experiencing right now try not to be too worried.

Learn to embrace that path of further discovery and further learning so there are other ways of experiencing connection with your guides. So for example if everything changes and you are questioning philosophically about life and how to connect to spirit now is the time to learn about channelling.

Some people have a unique situation in life, for example someone could lose another to cancer they could then go on to work for a cancer charity.

We are humans we are connected and we are here to serve the spirit to make things better Channeling can result in wider awareness, which is coined in the term “spiritual awakening” and the first stage of spiritual awakening is channelling and connecting with one’s guides.

Patterns of this occurring in life generally include, waking during the night, vivid dreams, situations with spirit becomes very powerful as you start to connect with other dimensions and planes. Spirit seeks ways to connect with you at a more meaningful level. You might also find that things that you before you do not wish to do!

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012