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The act of grounding with focus on the self (and in relation to the earth) for the purpose of meditation, astral work, or ritual.

Grounding is very similar to centering. It is connecting to magical energy. We all need to control our body. The two terms come interconnected. While grounding connects energy with the universe, centering balances this energy. You may gain this energy from meditation - centering is focused on energy and emotions. It is a balancing procedure. In essence getting your mind focused in preparation for the ritual ahead.

In waking life we often feel the stresses and strains of everyday living. Grounding and centering meditations help when one feels quite stressed. Think about how meditation can help you moving forward. Perhaps your job has been very stressful or you’ve uncovered difficulties in relationships. When the body is feeling tense and upset it is often known that grounding and centering will give the body back the energy balance that it needs.  

Often after performing rituals dependent upon what is communicated within those rituals the practice of both grounding and centering free oneself. It is important to conduct both in order to offer protection.

We can see grounding and centering as two different tools that help in different situations. Grounding helps one to remove any negative energy that could be causing problems in the practitioner’s daily life. Grounding can also help gain some balance and also sustainability. Centering on the other hand is performed when one feels more stable in life. It’s basically centering the energies inside the body.

While you can centre yourself without grounding yourself first you are unable to ground without centering. The most successful way to approach centering is to conduct meditations. In any meditation regarding this, it is important to gather the Earth’s energy at your core.

The energy should be seen as a round ball in your stomach. Drawing on energies from natural elements such as a tree, mountain or even the sea are often used.

It is important to let go of any negative energies, this could be as simple as breathing in white light and breathing out dark light that alone can enable one to be more grounded.

Gathering dynamic core energy the centre of ourselves requires a lot of practice and time in order to correctly progress. It is important that this stage to understand that one controls all aspects of the physical body. It might be prevalent to understand basic energy work. Many practitioners put themselves in some sort of protective circle. It is important that the grounding and centering is carried out without a filter. So what does a filter mean?  A filter can be used to focus on particular negative energies or experiences in life are affecting the practitioner. Fundamentally, the key to any energy work is to have the intent of clearing the path - clear the way. If you are actively drawing in a positive light and energy then this could do great things for your body.

Centering and grounding are also connected to shielding. Shielding ourselves and our energy from negative entities. So how do you feel today? If you are stressed then perhaps you need to set all the difficulties and problems that have been the cause of feeling the way you do.

Some people find it increasingly difficult to deal with adversities in life these are the people that benefit highly from centering and grounding. Every time a ritual is conducted centering needs to be performed.

Any type of magical activity or even tarot readings require one to ensure that the energies are correctly aligned. If example you are a tarot reader you will automatically take on somebody else’s energy when you are reading their cards. It is only natural.

Therefore it is important for one to realise that they should shield themselves after any type of tarot work. Centering will enable one to have less emphasis on wasted energy. Clear yourself from negatively by an unknown entity within the magical realm.

Here is a quick meditation in grounding and centering yourself

  1. Ensure you are in a relaxed atmosphere.
  2. Take four deep breaths.
  3. Think about a large mountain that is blue in colour and snow on top. You will see a wonderful garden below the mountain and trees near the foot of the mountain. Feel the wind on your face. Look up to the sky which is dark blue and the stars twinkle in the sky.
  4. Focus on your body and from your stomach (your real centre core) you can see a white light drawing all the magnetic power of the earth into your human body.
  5. Four birds fly in the sky and the mountain shimmers in the moonlight.
  6. Go over to the mountain put both hands on the rock, feel the coldness and the softness of the grey rock.
  7. Whisper into the rock and ask if a message is waiting for you.
  8. Take off your shoes and bend down to the end of the rock and now listen to the message.
  9. You feet slowly start growing roots that go under the mountain, think about how you feel at this stage.
  10. You are connecting to the inside of this great mountain.
  11. The energy of light from inside the mountain meets the roots of your feet. A white energy bolts into your body and your body lights up like heaven.
  12. The warm light fills every part of your body.
  13. Stand up tall, cut the roots from your feet by looking at them walk away from the mountain.
  14. You now have the energy of grounding. You are centred.

So in conclusion, we all need to perform centering. This needs to also take into account grounding with something from nature. Getting energy from a grounding force.

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012