Catharsis (release of magical energies)

Catharsis (release of magical energies)

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The release of magickal energies at the height or climax of a ritual.

Essentially the use of energy at the catharsis is the crux of the rite, determining whether its outcome will be successful or not. 

Releasing of Magical Energies – Catharsis

Most spiritual traditions have this belief that our bodies contain energy which is stored within. The energy is not limited to juju, chi, akasha, kai, or mojo. The power is normally self-replenishing and raw which can be used to make great things happen. In order to know how the energy feels like, one can rub the palms of their hands for some few minutes and that tingling weird feeling that is left in the hands. The process stirs up the energy in the hands and that is what the magical energy feels like.

How To Move the Catharsis

With a little practice which requires persistence, one can be in a position to move energies through their bodies. It is important to first visualize the body as a white light which fills every inch of the body and then move it in slow currents. The energy is the observed slowly and quietly in order to make sense of it. It has been noticed that most people feel the torso to be the center of their energies with much of it concentrating there. What is required is just forming a concept which should not be completely how accurate the visualization is.

Once one knows the center of the energies, they are supposed to focus the energy and then take control of the way it flows. The energy is then guided down to whichever hand that one thinks is appropriate and in most cases, it will automatically fall on the hand which they use to write. The energy is moved to the chosen hand and left to build there; visualization takes place as the energy continues to build. The hand can be in any chosen position. If a fist is the most preferred, then be it so, if the palm is best while straight so that the eventual discharge can be countered, the choice belongs to whoever is concentrating the energy.

After the energy has built up, it should mentally be pushed through the palm in a steady stream. This can be accomplished by visualizing while relaxing the energy which will be pouring freely from the hand. In most cases, there is a tingling, warm sensation that is felt in the hand, which is similar to needles and pins sensation which comes with a body part falling asleep. Some people get it in the form of prickly ice cool. If no sensation is felt, one is advised to try it a second time. It can be tried on different days until one achieves results. Success can be achieved by using energy raising techniques.

When one becomes comfortable and proficient with moving the energies with one hand, they can then try to emit the energy using both hands at once. It is recommended that, if one is in a tense or angry state, they should not try energy work as it is believed that, expelling energies while having body tension can cause harm to self. Only do the catharsis when in happy, calm, or hyper moods.

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By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012