The Cantrip

The Cantrip

Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

It is a word which is scottish in origin that literally means, a magical spell which has the same meaning when read either forward or backward.

It can also refer to a sham or a trick. For a practitioner to cast a Cantrip, they are supposed to have skills which will enable them to perform formal magical celestial or formal magical earth. It is possible for a practitioner to cast one.

Cantrip per day in their school of magic for each level of formal magic they possess.

It is possible to perform a Cantrip if the practitioner is carrying a Cantrip tome which contains the Cantrip that should be cast.

A Cantrip tome refers to an object of the game, which must be acquired during a game and must be at least 6 inches by 4 inches. The rules of the Enchant Cantrip Tome Formal magic are what governs the tome. Apart from the tomes, there are pages which function like Cantrip tomes but can be used only once as it contains only one Cantrip.

If one has to cast from a Cantrip page, then they need to follow the rules of the size as if it was a scroll and the packet has to be touched and read.

Casting a Cantrip

When casting a Cantrip, the practitioner has to perform the right incantation for it and make sure that they physically tear or break the number of the level once component which is meant for that particular Cantrip in order to gain the power encompassed in it. To break or tear a single level, two components which power two Cantrip, that takes two components; or two Cantrips which take one component cast one immediately after another. Level four components will power two Cantrips which will take two components of four Cantrips which take one component cast one immediately after the other. The tearing or breaking of the components must be done within 10 seconds of the end of the incantation.

When casting a Cantrip, the practitioner doesn’t require casting a circle of power and it is important to note that, Cantrips are never thrown at an opponent the way the battle magic is done; what is allowed is for a practitioner to throw a packet with a defined effect. In the case of a practitioner taking body damage between when the incantation begins and the time the sticks are snapped, the Cantrips won’t work but still, the components can be consumed. No change of items or skills is supposed to be undertaken between the times the incantation starts, to when the components are torn apart or snapped as it will make the Cantrip fail, though the components can still be consumed.

It is not possible to extend a Cantrip in any manner or place it into an item in a manner of an enchantment. It is important also to note that, the effect of a Cantrip can never be spell stored for future use.

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By Flo Saul
Feb 16, 2017