Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

Candles provide light, getting rid of darkness and are known to magically repel the advances of evil spirits and have also been known to help lost spirits find the light which brings them to the afterlife. 

Burning candles is popular. Blowing out tiny candles on birthday cakes to make a wish is an event ingrained in us from an early age. The principles of the magic suggest that candles will bring us a wish. An answer to a pray! Candle magic means that one has to converge with determined will power and finally determine the visualisation of the end results.

We have lit candles in church to ask God for power source of strength, power and drive.

Sympathetic magic

Candle magic is a very powerful form of sympathetic magic which has been traced as far as the Palaeolithic era. Candle magic is one of the simplest skills which does not require any complicated or expensive ceremonial artefacts or any decorative rituals for its performance. In simpler words, anyone with a candle can produce incredible magic results if they focus the intentions to manifest great results based on visualisation.

Shape and size of the candle are not important for performing the candle magic. Rather big candles, which take too long to burn down are not favoured because one has to wait till the candles burn on their own. Taper or votive candles are considered to be the most ideal for magic. The candles which are small, thin, white and unscented and only 4 inches long are considered best for magic spells.

Preparation for Candle Magic

You should always use a new virgin candle for the spell. Used candles are tainted with vibrations and may lead to negative or ineffective magical techniques. Though the white colour is favoured for perfect spells, some colours are favoured for the implementation of different purposes. For example, red colour corresponds to courage and strength, sexual desire and passion. The significance of other colors is as below:

  • Red: Courage and strength, sexual desire and passion.
  • Pink: Friendship, sweet love.
  • Orange: Attraction and motivation.
  • Gold: Financial gain, business endeavours, solar connections.
  • Yellow: Persuasion and security.
  • White: Magic preparation.

After deciding the shade of the candle, it is preferable to cover the candle with natural oil, grape-seed oil or with dust herbs, before burning it.

This may include cinnamon, clove, musk or lavender as a catalyst herb.

It is extremely important to charge the candle with energy and vibrations to determine a psychic link. Write down the dream or requests on a piece of coloured paper similar to the candle. The magic has to be performed in an area without much disruption. The candles should not be recycled - if used previously on dining table, bedroom candle or night-light these should not be used.

Fold the paper in a deliberately slow manner and place one corner of the folded paper into the candle flame. Hold the paper for as long as you can and leave it in a metallic box. Allow the candle to burn out completely. Do not place any candles near curtains. You should remain firm and reassured throughout the entire process. Never blow out the candle, let it completely consume. Remember any magic performed will return back to you; it may be positive or negative. Be careful what you are asking / writing in your prayer, this should not be taken lightly. The candle magic may have to be repeated three times after waiting for a short amount time.

Planetary Influence

You should be careful and do you homework about the planetary influences which can make candle magic successful or unsuccessful. For example, if the moon is waxing, full or waning. Candle magic should be avoided during void period. However, when your candle magic is over do not forget to thank the God or Goddess.

Magic holds no guarantee

There is no guarantee of the magic being successful, but try to take every precaution and to use the correct colour of candle and paper, choose the right time and try again and again.

Potential of Magic

A combination of need and will power is inherent in completing the task successfully. Magic is a powerful tool which can be deployed for good or evil depending on you and your desire.

Mental preparation

Will power is the main driving force and is a powerful tool behind candle magic. The concentration in performing the rituals and mental preparation needs to be strong. This is a necessity.    

Zodiac signs and candle magic

The subject person can be symbolically represented during the ritual by another candle.

Find out the subject's birth date and burn the right candle for that zodiacal sign.

  • ARIES and SCORPIO - Red
  • TAURUS - Green
  • GEMINI and VIRGO - Yellow
  • CANCER - Silver
  • LEO - Orange
  • LIBRA - Pink
  • SAGITTARIUS - Purple
  • CAPRICORN - Black
  • AQUARIUS - All Colors
  • PISCES – Mauve

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012