Blue Jay Spiritual Meaning

Blue Jay Spiritual Meaning

Blue Jay Spiritual Meaning

Here I go over blue Jay signs, omens, sightings, spiritual meaning, and how they guide and warn you. Maybe you have seen a blue jay flying or acting strange and wondered what it means? Perhaps you have noticed a dead blue jay in your garden or yard? Heard a blue jay sing? Seen a blue jay's feather? I’m here to share the spiritual meaning of connecting with this bird. Omens can occur in our life in many ways. Sometimes they are trivial, but at times they are sent from our spirit guides to provide you with a personal message. I have given a spiritual message on youtube below as well as a comprehensive meaning into what it means to see a blue jay.

What does seeing a blue jay mean spiritually?

I live near wood and spent a considerable time at home especially in the lockdowns watching these birds and spiritually reading the energy. I have seen many sightings of blue jays and they have a beautiful blue pattern, some are black and white. They are so beautiful to watch and can invoke many spiritual messages from our higher spiritual guides. Blue jays often appear when we are blindfolded. In life, it can be so easy to not see what is around us. The spiritual message is about taking off that blindfold so you can see all around you.

  • Seeing a blue jay indicates that you are blindfolded and you need to see the bigger picture.
  • The blue jays normally fly around or come near you when we must understand the importance of our community or friends.
  • The blue jay can predict an impersonal dimension which includes the possibility of expanding our social network. 
  • The blue jay is spiritual and has been known as a bird to move between different spiritual worlds.
  • The bluejay is a symbolism of making some small steps in society in order to feel more purified and empowered. 
  • The adult blue jay’s naturally work together so that they complete the tasks which help the entire flock. It is about teamwork. 
  • To hear a shocking sound from a blue jay or if this bangs on your window means you must communicate better.

What does it mean to see a blue jay flying in the sky?

There are a number of spiritual messages when seeing a blue jay. All birds carry secret spiritual messages. We often overlook these spiritual messages. The blue jay is significant in how you express your demands to others and often indicates not seeing the full picture, it can also indicate winning and competitions. If the blue jay bangs on your window, eats from your bird table or flies past your window then this can express that you physically need to bang and communicate and be heard by others. 

After seeing the blue jay in my garden I won competitions, raffles and never lost for two days. This bird was an omen of winning, It could have been a coincidence of course, but I don’t think that this automatically just happened. Seeing a blue jay can represent that you may win at something in life, this could be a competition or being able to take off the blindfold.

The blue jay could be requesting you to trust your immediate family members as well as close relatives instead of having to trust members who are out of your family. The blue jay might be asking you to try and be alert when you deal with people that are not in your immediate groups. Remember what I said about the blindfold.

Oak trees and blue jays

The oak tree is where the blue jay resides most of the time. They love the acorns from the tree, and if you do see a blue jay in the oak tree this has spiritual significance. It can indicate that definite steps will open up to a wider range of possibilities. If you’ve been feeling frustrated or inflated the omen of the oak tree will symbolize that you will feel much freer there were certain types of situations in which you can witness the blue jay.  Equally, it is interesting to note that an excellent plan is likely to commence if you could see the nest of the bluejay perched on an oak tree branch.

What does the color blue mean spiritually?

There is a bunch of folklore and luck attached to seeing a blue jay and this has much to do with the color of blue. Turning to a more spiritual interpretation of the color blue, this can be found in the throat chakra. It denotes that you have to focus on communication. Additionally, the blue color is associated with higher consciousness and spirituality. The blue jay spirit means that you may wish to follow higher ideals to ensure that you continue your spiritual journey.

What does it mean to see a single blue jay?

Seeing a single blue jay symbolically means you are focused but are not seeing all in front of you. The blue jays represent that you will understand more in life. Blue jay's resemble the sapphires in sharpness and are tough to crack. Once they see what they need to do, it is very little you can do in stopping them. Can you see beyond the normal situations in life? Blue jays are symbolic of spiritual growth. Another spiritual interpretation of seeing only one blue jay means you will embark on spiritual growth. Spiritual growth happens when someone graduates from several different spirituality levels and is on their way to reaching self-actualization. The blue jay teaches you the essence of your general growth. The bird does go through different stages during its lifetime, achieving several goals along the way.

Blue jays are risk-takers naturally as they are quite curious and like discovering new things.  To collect information about their surrounding is what helps the blue jay in making better decisions for their offspring as well as themselves. What information do you need to collect? They are also known to master the idea of having to time their activities such as mating, sleeping, and looking for food. This indicates the growth that spiritually in all our lives we need faith.

The blue jays begin life as a blackbird, turning blue as it grows. How amazing is that that it begins black and turns blue over time. 

What does it mean to see two blue jays?

Blue jays pair up in twos. Seeing two blue jays flying in the sky can spiritually imply that you are caring. But also seeing the pair of bluenjays draws your attention to a divided opinion in life. Blue jays care for one another. This could be an omen that you need to care for others more and perhaps be more sensitive to the different needs of people. We can often be observant of the sensitivity around others.  In our modern world, we can connect with different people on Facebook and find out what’s going on in their lives.

What does it mean for a blue jay to fly around you or land on you?

If the blue jay appears to fly around you that can suggest that you need to care for others more. The advice here is to perhaps create a schedule in order to connect with the people that you haven’t spoken to for a while. The world that we live in is often a busy one on our attention is constantly divided from one thing to another. If the bluejay took off into the sky or you saw the bird near your home, then try to open your mind and let your voice be heard. How often have you wished for more time in life to connect to others? The blue jay often helps other birds if a predator is near. The question here is: who are you helping?

What does it mean to hear a blue jay?

Blue jays mean you need to let your voice be heard. The spiritual symbolism of the blue jay, in my view, is about: letting your voice be heard, assertiveness, determination, and intelligence. These are characteristics that you need to understand if you have seen a blue jay in your path. The blue jay is a symbol spiritually whereby you need to be more aware of others around you. The bird is not scared and often stands tall and bold against its enemies. Do you stand tall against your enemies in life?

Blue jays are normally symbolic of high-pitched sounds; they make lots of noise. They also cannot be trusted by other birds as they change all the time, the blue jay is well known for its high-pitched cries. They are also believed to annoy other birds with their noises. We need to look at this symbolically, the noise of a blue jay is a spiritual message for you to understand yourself. Equally, blue jays can mimic the easily the call of hawks which are red-tailed, uttering many other notes this is hard and transcendent is an understanding of the ability of the noise can be (at times) annoying or this can signal that you are finding it hard to communicate with others.

What does it mean to see more than one blue jay in your garden?

It is something that will teach you the importance of having to work with others in reaching a common goal. There is nothing great which a single person will be able to achieve.  In life, we all need a combination of efforts in building something great that everyone might be able to enjoy.

What does it mean to see a blue Jay's nest?

Blue jays are known to have a strong sense of determination and intelligence in spiritual development at a high level. The birds all work diligently night and day to achieve their necessary goals.  Because of all their work, these beautiful birds can become exhausted. Even with that, their instinct keeps telling them to take time to rest and then continue going.  It is an attitude that can teach you the relevance of perseverance and not giving up on your goals. Determination is the main key to being able to achieve your dreams in the long run.

What does it mean to see a dead blue jay?

Seeing a dead blue jay represents determination against your enemies. The personality of a blue jay is generally quite aggressive towards animals which tend to threaten them. This is done to protect their offspring, ensuring that they survive. With that, the birds will teach you that there are times when the stakes might be high and that is when there is a need to know the way to put your foot down. In an animalistic way, it is normally quite aggressive but in other words, it is assertive.

To be assertive does not mean that you will have to start being impolite or to be ill-mannered, but you have to be mindful that you have just enough right to be on this earth and not any different from the rest and you seem not to be afraid, standing up for yourself.

What does it mean for a blue jay to enter your house?

The blue jay is known to be a bird that is quite fearless when protecting its young ones, partner, and territory. The blue jay will ensure to defend their territory against any adversaries that might seem to be quite powerful and will fight to protect its young. Seeing a blue jay fighting with a young bird suggests how our caring nature and protection. For the blue jay to actually enter your home is unusual to say the least, it means that there is a strong spiritual signal that it might be time to ensure that you protect yourself, your nature, your talents against anything that stands in your way. It is a message of communication from spirit. 

What does it mean if a blue jay flies into your window?

The blue jays are believed to symbolize confidence. It can be worrying for the blue jay to fly against your window. They are birds that are quite confident naturally as they do take risks so that they can survive. Their confidence normally comes from having a belief that you have the capability of anything that you tend to set your mind on.

When you enter a situation with the belief that you don’t have what it takes in succeeding, you will be setting yourself to failure. There are certain times in life that you will fail, and you mustn’t try internalizing it and questioning your ability. Success is believed to be a state of mind and thus, trying to apply the confidence of the blue jay attitude to the next challenge might be the best way to go. You could be shocked at the outcome.

What does it mean if a blue jay's nest or is perching on a tree near your house?

It can represent your family unit. Often when we see a blue jay perching on a tree outside - this can signal spiritual enlightenment. The blue jays usually make nests in the oak or fir trees. It is their comfort, their home, and where they will end up reproducing. If you notice a blue Jay's nest this is symbolic of everlasting life and fertility.

What does it mean to see multiple blue jays?

Blue jays often usually pair together and bond. They inherently have a strong family bond. What could this mean? It could be suggested that if you see multiple blue jays in the sky that you need to go ahead and form more of a connection with your family life situations. It could be asking you to divert your energy to your family unit.

Blue jays are spiritually connected to exploring all things in life. If you see a group of blue jays then it indicates spiritually that you feel you need to be more curious. In ancient English folklore, the village children believed seeing many blue jays was connected to good luck. Blue jays are known to be vastly curious, and mostly try to stop and peck at whatever shiny thing catches their eyes such as magpies and crows. The ones that resonate with the blue jay will tend to find themselves becoming curious.

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing a blue jay cross your path?

Spiritually speaking, when you see a blue jay flying across your path there are so many symbolic signs at play. It can symbolize a new project, a new perspective, and a challenge coming your way. A blue jay, as they are naturally found in the forest and gardens can cross your path, they are super intelligent birds. It means that you are likely going to find a piece of information that is important if a blue jay does cross you. Blue jays normally reside in pairs or in small flocks so if you see two blue jays flying past this can indicate a new perspective in love. Some blue jays migrate to warmer climates when it gets cold and to see a flock traveling in the sky can indicate that you are going through cycles of time in various ways.

Calling on the natural world we often explore our own purpose. The bluejay spirit is refined as an essential essence that exists everywhere and nowhere in particular. Therefore, to see a traveling blue jay who is about to emigrate can indicate that we need to express our power and authority, in other words we need to be heard from taking notice of. To see blue jays in multiples flying in the sky spiritually can indicate that you might feel you want to move away spiritually from problems in life.

What does it mean symbolically to hear a bluejay?

Blue jays squawk normally in afternoons, they are noisy birds and the vocalizations often accompany chortles, whistles, jeers, and high pitched sounds. If you hear a blue jay sound spiritually this can indicate you may be in denial of what is going on in life and how you are feeling. As a symbol, it can indicate that you are finding it hard to get your point across to others among the noise of life. Time rolls on just like a river alongside us along, sometimes close behind in the forest, we can often feel so connected to nature.

Does the blue jay symbolize death?

In folklore, there is no reference to the blue jay symbolism as death. However, many tales are connected to the Raven focused on spiritual regeneration. Visualize the waves of the wind as you are in the forest with the bluejay which is similar to life and death. Often, it is impossible to move forward if we are in front but we need to absorb the energy into infinity. Do you feel that you are drowning in chaotic undercurrents in waking life? The bluejay is a symbolism where you have to walk away at this point in time in order to find calm.

What does it symbolically mean to see a blue jay at the bird table?

The blue jay is known to be a “bully” when it comes to the bird feeders. Blue jays normally like to eat all the peanuts of fill up with sunflower seeds. They like frightening the other birds away and keeping the bird food to themselves. This is because they are aggressive. According to English folklore literature, the meaning of the blue jay is humiliation. Much older books describe the bluejay symbol as a loose woman. 

What does the blue jay mean for a totem animal?

In animal symbolism, the blue jay is known to resonate well with faithfulness, truth, and solidarity as they are quite vigilant in their tasks. They also have the same male partner their entire life which is symbolic of loyalty, patience, and endurance. The blue jay is a symbol that is quite excellent if you wish to honor a lasting bond between lovers, family, and friends.

When it comes to the spiritual realms, the blue jay speaks about vision and clarity. In the Native American culture which is in the literature referred to as the Sioux nation, the blue jay’s azure against the blue sky is indicative of the soul’s purity, clarity of thought, and truth of the heart.

The Sioux tribes of Native America also observed the blue jay preferring the oak and fir trees for their nesting habits. To this day, blue jays are found inside these trees and can represent spiritually the feeling of being grounded. It seems easy when we have to contemplate things in life but we rarely put together all our situations and look at our lives as outsiders. The blue jay can appear when we need endurance, longevity, and strength in our life.

What do blue jays symbolize?

Blue jays are interesting creatures for they have the ability to utilize varied vocalizations to voice up their ideas just like the raven, crow, and magpie. They also have the ability to mimic other creatures such as birds and even humans for they have advanced speech abilities. Blue jays are even capable to mimic hawk’s calls as a tactic to drive away predators. Likewise, those who regard blue jay as their symbols are somehow talkative and tend to chat most of the time. These people tend to be successful in the field of sales, law, politics, public speaking, and teaching.

Blue jay animal symbolism includes loquaciousness, communication, determination, assertiveness, faithfulness, intelligence, advantage, curiosity, vibrancy, clarity, and energy. Being determined, assertive, and intelligent as animal symbolism is common to those who regard blue jay as their symbol and to those who are in the professions listed above. These same attributes can be observed in a blue jay for it is fierce towards its opponents/predators. This creature fears no one as it protects its habitat, partner, and young ones. Likewise, persons holding blue jay's as their compliment are also fearless in protecting their position against rivals and even superiors – often bringing them good results. Blue jay symbolizes long-lasting friendships and relationships. They tend to have only one mate for life which symbolizes endurance, loyalty, and patience. They also symbolize truthfulness, solidarity, and faithfulness.

Spiritually, the blue jay indicates clarity and vision. The Sioux tribes believed that a sky-colored jay facing the sky means a “double clarity” and/or “double vision”. This “blue on blue” idea perceives pure soul, truthful heart, and clear thought.

The blue jay is an air animal sign and that air creature is a symbol of perfect ideals, sacredness, and truth. With these, the spiritual and dream effects of the blue jay are indeed intense. The Sioux tribe observed that blue jay often build their nests on fir and oak trees, the trees which also symbolize endurance, longevity, and strength just like blue jay.

What does it mean to see a blue jays nest near your home?

This does not mean that blue jay is fastidious. In fact, it also makes its home anywhere for it also symbolizes opportunity and advantage. Blue jay's nest even in mailboxes and it is so resourceful that it could utilize the environment for its own advantage. Those who claim blue jay as their totem may act just like a blue jay. They are easy-going people who have the ability to turn even the worst situations to their best advantage.

Blue jays are curious creatures. They tend to peck at any sparkling object that catches their attention. The same way is those who resemble blue jays, they are also curious. In fact, people that choose this as their animal totem tend to follow new paths, entertain new insights out of their curiosity. They are often known as a jack-of-all-trades and wonderful trouble-shooters.

What does it mean to see or find blue Jay's feathers?

The interesting thing is that recently I found some feathers of the bluejay in my garden, the feathers are not actually blue. The feathers actually look blue because of the way the light hits them the pigment in the blue jay's feathers is brown. 

Blue jay Native American (also known as Sioux tribes) symbolism

I have mentioned this at the start but I wanted to go a bit deeper into the symbol according to native Americans. The Sioux native American tribes believed in many different superstitions. This tribe was a master of the North American terrain in the 1500s and still exists today, with 150,000 members today and many now live in towns and cities. 

Blue jays are common in North America, there are many myths and omens around the symbolism. Turning to the native American Sioux tribes, they believed that the blue jay had qualities like the raven such as being able to travel to the underworld. The blue jay was believed by the seven tribes of the Sioux to carry spiritual messages between different spiritual dimensions. Likewise, they believed that the blue jay is similar to the crow family, and like the crow, the blue jay is connected to being a trickster.

When the bluejay appeared to the tribe, they believed this was a sign of the ability and skills will be required in order to be successful, the tribes believed that the bluejay helps us concentrate and gives us the willpower to make it happen. The bluejay sometimes when appearing in the wild indicated to the tribes the power to manifest outcomes of a good crop.

This superstition is further highlighted in Texas, whereby, the blue jay was often trapped by human beings and then harnessed to a good crop and if the bird was able to get away it was thought to mean that the crops were going to be a positive that year.

One of the mythologies of the Sioux, tribes was that the blue jay was a figure of deception, and this bird connected to the owl for wisdom. The Native Americans did believe that although the bird was quite spiritually strong in color it did not signify calm but more chaos. The blue jay was associated with difficulty in life and the elements that we must cross in order to be successful.

Blue jays were considered not only to symbolize complete deception but were also considered to suggest that a spiritual journey was needed. In these tribes, the blue jay was often thought of as an aggressive bird, the tribes believed that their resourcefulness and ability to beat the odds was advantageous. Listening to the blue Jay's shrills can indicate your own spiritual journey in life. 

What can we learn from the blue jay?

When you develop as a person, many of us are hit by expectations about conduct, attractiveness, appearance, and the future. The bluejay can be connected to how we clarify certain things in life. The native Indians believed that the bluejay was a representation of double vision - being able to see things that are not there. Even though the bluejay can be somewhat noisy the bluejay can be spiteful and vindictive. Some would even say rather mischievous. Who is showing these traits around you?

There was also a historic superstition that the blue jay represented rumors. Rumors often feel like short-term results. Speaking about people’s faults is something the native Indians believed when they saw a bluejay.  On another note, the tribes also believed that trust would be destroyed if the blue Jay appeared around the camp. Obviously, in daily life, it’s virtually impossible to trust everybody. The bluejay is a representation that sharing other people's secrets, therefore, is something that should not be done, gossip is inheriting bad and as this bird represented a trickster it often meant that moral judgment was in play.

Blue jay and mythology

The blue jay is named after the Greek Earth God Gaea. According to the shamans, they believed that the blue jay is a representation of your pride and ego. 

Several meanings are connected to the blue jay with the following keywords from mythological research I have carried out, that highlight the personality of a blue jay: humiliation, spiritual noise, assertiveness, determination, communication, intelligence, faithfulness, being bold in life, curiosity, advantage, vibrancy, clarity, and energy.

English folklore and blue jays

In old English lore, blue jays represent peace and keeping bad spirits away. The blue jay symbol is associated with calmness, religion, wisdom, and focus. There is another aspect that is important, blue spiritually is a power of change. The blue crested breast is larger than that of a robin, and the blue jay has white spots on the tail and wings. Blue jays have a gray breast and appear to be wearing a necklace made of black feathers. The necklace is a spiritual gift of change in life.

The blue jay Christianity symbolism

When it comes to Christianity, the meaning of the blue jay is considered a positive omen. The blue jay was often believed to be a sign of an event that was to come which was positive in nature.  Superstitions are not necessarily biblical but the Bible has reference to many birds in the scripture. The Bible outlines an instance whereby a blue jay landed on Elijah's shoulder and when he raised his head he saw over 400 ravens eating breadcrumbs. (see 1 Kings 17:6-7) In Christianity, blue jats are supposed to be lucky, especially if they are close to you. The bible itself states that in Isaiah 20:3 there are various omens that we should look out for. The bible does not specifically list the blue jay only the connection to the Ravens which forms the same bird family.

It is interesting that, where the majority of the cultures tend to focus on the vocal nature of the blue jays, to certain Christians, the aspects which are less assertive of the bird are what is associated with connection and faith to God. Imagining the blue jay is placing faith in God even while in the hawk talons, the blue jay is referred to as being able to store acorns for food and thus, its meaning spiritually might involve having to prepare for circumstances in life that can be up or down.

Christians might see the blue jay be symbolic of a person that is quite vocal about their faith irrespective of the repercussions thereafter. To find your voice, protecting your values, and showing your faith can be regarded as the meaning of a blue jay. So when the blue jay visits you, they are normally considered to be a bird that brings good luck and possibly a sign from God, it might suggest that you are on the path to success. The blue jay is associated with an array of symbols and messages according to Christianity. Above all, the blue jay for Christians can also represent an inner passion that needs to be released.

In some ways, the blue jay birds can blend perfectly with the sky above, and when clear the bird has the vivid coloring of vibrant blue on their feathers, symbolically this can suggest that in life you must be more determined and focused on calm pursuits. Blue jays are quite common in parts of Europe and Great Britain. They have a harsh voice and a restless disposition. When you tame them, they can easily imitate various sounds. The jay is known to have a swallow which is wind and happens to be rapacious. The biblical meaning of them having to see a blue jay is to communicate well, plan and persist for the future. It might as well be symbolic of fearlessness and protection.

Does the biblical meaning of a blue jay mean death?

The other element that I want to quickly cover is death. There is nothing to point to this theory. The bible is associated with birds of all types and they generally symbolize birds as freedom. There is a question of whether the blue jays in the bible suggest a person will die, and this has been asked in my emails. As per the Christianity symbolism, a blue jay is symbolic of you being persistent and fighting no matter how hard a particular situation might appear. It denotes that even the people of God might end up finding themselves in people’s grip or situations that happen to be beyond their control which they have. But just like the blue jay, they have to be persistent and avoid giving up until the end.

Even though not directly referenced there was a rumor that the blue jay landed on the shoulder of Elijah. Elijah is a man that shared the messages of god and he walked and talked about God and how important it was to worship him. God directed Elijah to speak the real truth in life and was known for obedience.

Elijah saw 400 ravens at his feet offering Elijah bread crumbs, the scripture can be found in 1 Kings 17: 6-7. It is symbolic to the blue jay as biblically it means that the birds have given Elijah enough food to eat. God utilizes birds in scriptures throughout the bible to remind you of the goals, opportunities, and spiritual path that he holds for you. 

In another biblical reference, Ezekiel the prophet was able to see a man who was clothed in linen, having a writer’s inkhorn beside him and with outstretched wings, that flew above him. At this point, there was then a voice that referred to him as a son of man.

What does it mean to see a blue jar and a red cardinal? 

This is a rare occurrence, to see both a blue jay together is a massive spiritual sign. It indicates that there will be wisdom and transformation in your life. Blue jays normally scare cardinals away with their aggressive behavior. In the woods, I once saw a blue jay trying to steal the food of a cardinal, and this resulted in an attack. Blue jays and cardinals are conflicting birds, they do not get along but seeing them is a striking spiritual message. The blue jay loves its own territory, it fights, it protects. Therefore spiritually this means that you may have to fight to keep something in your life. Defend your territory is the spiritual message.

The Celtic symbolism of blue jay

When we look back at Celtic mythology the blue jay was considered noisy, messy, pesky, and bullies. However, there was a belief that the birds are a spiritual messenger, just like the raven and corvids that are close cousins of the blue jay, which enables the bird to travel to various psychic dimensions. Like many other folk tales associated with the raven or crow family, the bird is supposed to represent deception. The other spiritual significance of the blue jay is that they are fond of mimicking birds such as the hawks.

In Celtic symbolism, the blue jay is a secretive bird and often flies unseen. They are well known for storing their food, especially the hard shell acorn. It symbolizes growth and abundance. Blue jays come to my feeder and often take the little acorns that I leave for them. In fact, blue jays can carry more than one acorn partially due to the expanded throat. As a lover of oak trees, this bird is believed to be connected to the scared seeds and souls of Celtic druids. 

There are many stories about the blue jay's colorings. The celts believed that the oak tree carried much wisdom and that the blue jay had an important influence to spread the growth of oak trees due to the acorns. The squirrel-like blue jay also carries the acorns away from the oak tree.

The blue jay in the Indian folklore

In India, there is a bird that looks similar known as the blue roller. The two birds, the blue jay, and blue roller are names for the same bird, there is a story about an Indian princess and how the blue jay turned blue. I’m going to share this story with you. The princess was lucky and pretty and she wore fine clothes. When she was at the palace she sang and the gardens were surrounded by flowers and birds. The problem was the princess had a terrible voice, it was not elegant and quite deep and raspy. Her voice did not match her looks. 

Therefore, she would often be worried to speak. She then fell in love with a prince called Prince Rama, who never paid her any attention. Many men did like her, due to her attractiveness. She sat on a bench and thought if only my voice would change then her prince could be hers. A jay bird suddenly appeared singing a song, and the blue jay which at this point the jay was a brown color all over. The jay perched beside the princess. Please give me your voice said the princess to the jay. And with that the jay granted her wish and told the princess how to swap voices. The bird explained that if the princess went to the lake at midnight and picked a magical lotus flower they could swap voices. Indeed, at midnight the princess left the palace to go to the pond. She was so quiet as to not wake anyone and tiptoed out of the palace.

The jay explained that the magical lotus flower found in the pound near the palace would grant a wish. And when she got to the lake the jay was perched on a tree. The moon suddenly rose and shone brightly and the princess could feel her throat tingling after picking the flower. When the princess spoke, her words turned from a raspy shouted voice into sweet and bright. She was so happy and thanked the jay bird who replied: “your welcome” in a ragged voice. The princess wanted to know what befell the voice of the jay bird who responded that they had exchanged voices. Hurrah! said the princess and she sang a song to thank the jay. The princess had a terrible feeling after the jay had allowed her to exchanged voices. She started imagining how the poor jay would be unable to sing. Consequently, the princess believed that there was a focus on feeling unappreciated. The princess apologized to the jay for taking his voice but the jay assured her that he was happy to exchange voices.

The princess then felt guilty as the jay did not have a voice or a beautiful body. But the blue jay told her that he was still special the way he has always been. The emphasis was that we are as human beings special because of what we possess inside. 

The princess wished that she had a gift for the jay for his kindness and words. She then took the vibrant turquoise scarf wrapped around her shoulders and decided to give this as a gift to the jay. What she did not remember was that she held the magic lotus which granted magical wishes, immediately the feathers of the ray turned the most beautiful blue to match her scarf. The wish for the jay to be beautiful was granted. While the jay remained bearing a harsh voice, it turned the brightest blue. This is how the jay got the color blue and is known as the blue jay. Eventually, the princess married the man of her dreams, but she never forgot the lesson of the blue jay which gave her.

Blue jay and Indian symbolism

In Hindu mythology, they believe that if a person sees a blue jay that has food in their mouths then this can signal wealth. In Hinduism, a blue jay is considered lucky in both wealth and health. In Telangna and some parts of Pradesh the blue jays (known as an Indian roller) is believed to bring great luck if the bird is seen on the eve of Dasara. There is another superstition that if someone makes a wish when they see a blue jay then Lord Shiva will fulfill it. The problem is that people in our modern world buy these birds and set them free after making a wish. Therefore, there is much activity where people in India are trying to catch the blue jay before the festival. 

Dreams about blue jays

When we dream of a blue jay, it means clarity of higher thinking. It is believed that dreams are our inner selves’ way of saying that we are not true to ourselves in some ways and that we need to clean our thoughts. It also symbolizes taking action towards the truth. Blue jay's requires honesty and that any deception or dishonesty would lead to a worse situation for us in reality.

When it comes to dreams, the animal symbolism of the blue jay deals with clarity but also taking action and the higher spiritual processes that need harmonious alignment. When dreaming of blue jays, it can represent there is a deeper spiritual being communicating in your sleep to cultivate the qualities that they feel are most needed to improve your life.

Birds in dreams are connected to our spiritual journey, they have for long captivated human beings. The blue jay appearing in a dream can signify harmony, balance and above all indicates your own aspirations and goals in life. The blue jay is a spiritual animal and as part of the crow family can suggest spiritual insight. Seeing a blue jay flying in a dream can indicate that you yearn for security and this is a positive omen suggesting that you will have safety and security going forward. The beauty and genius characteristics of the bluejay can often represent the living things around us. 

The color blue in dreams mean peace and calm. It represents the realization that the most powerful way to shape an outcome is to be gracious, rather than just experiencing the celebrations that life can process. Opportunities will be really clear about what you're trying to communicate when you see a blue jay flying in your dream. There is an opportunity to pursue one of your ambitions by speaking powerfully in using your voice. The bluejay featured in dreams draws our attention to your special talents and your communication skills, given they are noisy bird. If you see a blue jay flying in a forest during a dream then this can indicate your connections between your ideas and how you work and through.

The spiritual meaning of blue is connected to how we are grounded, calm, and also emotions in life. Are you comfortable with measuring your own success or are you too hard on yourself? The symbolism of the blue jay can also indicate that we need to find a balance between locking the world out and welcoming the world in. This is due to the blue jay's aggressive nature. The bird itself is trying to tell you to discover your personal boundaries and make sure that there are no defensive barriers or walls. 

The blue jay at times is symbolic of your spiritual journey or your spiritual goals on the earth. There is a warning in this dream that you could be listening to the wrong people if they are trying to help you - remember to always listen to your inner spirit. This beautiful bird is connected to the air element, the blue jay is a representation of your intelligence and communication skills, also your higher state of consciousness.  Another interpretation of the blue jay appearing in the dream is a message that you should be relaxed. At the moment, if you are feeling out of control then this bird often appears in dreams to show you to slow down.

The blue jay is recommending that you take things easy, build things from scratch, or personal growth. The advice here is to let whatever needs to grow. These blue jay in dreams can indicate that you have been forcing things too hard and that it is time for you to vocalize what you need. Remember, the blue jay is known for its constant and loud noise, and thus to some, the appearance of a blue jay in the dream could be an omen that you need to think about what you say and to whom. 

Feathers in the blue jay dream

Feathers of the blue jay being seen in the dream could hold a symbolism deeper symbolism. I've explained above that most feathers are brown but if you see the feathers in a dream it can suggest that you have the energy and building blocks to move forward. If you dream of coming across notable bright blue feathers, you might need to take some stock of the people that you allowed into your inner circle. 

To see blue the feather of the blue jay in your dream could be an indicator that you need to be careful about who you should trust. There might be deceitful or untrustworthy people who are around you. The blue Jay also tells you to form trusting and long-lasting friendships and to make sure that you invest your time in worthwhile pursuits.

In appearance, blue jays are usually small and slight, possessing unusual physical strength and endurance but they are often liable to nervous exhaustion when they are flying at faster speeds. What speed are you going at? Can you slow down? This is the spiritual message of seeing blue jays flying in a dream.

In my view, birds that appear in dreams are spiritual messengers of the night who come from our spiritual higher consciousness and a variety of spiritual dimensions. Due to the talkative capabilities of the blue jay it denotes that seeing one in the dreams might be related to making sure you communicate with your family.

To dream frequently about the blue jay indicates that you have spiritual energy in the air and the opportunity to become more in touch with your own visions, calm nature, and higher self.  Consequently, blue jays appearing in dreams are often symbolic of having to take action and present a catalyst of change. The blue jay can ask for time cycles and honesty. When appearing in dreams the blue jay represents on a negative note possible dishonest or deceptive action that we need to work through. It seems easy when you accept problems and move forward, but getting to that point requires work.

The dream and spiritual impressions are known to be quite animating as the jay is an animal totem of the air which means the symbol of air is connected to the symbolism. Birds such as these that sour in the air naturally symbolize the realm of the higher spirits, ideals, thought, spirituality, and the higher truth attainment.

The blue jay appears in one's life when we must accept a spiritual path, normally encounter different spiritual directions, and at the same time invoke one's curiosities. For a blue jay to cross your path means there are certain aspects of your personality that are unique. 

Blue Jay shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to have ferocity in your life.
  • You need to be modest.
  • You need to live a fulfilling life.
  • You need to be confident.
  • You need to be happy in life.

Call on Blue jay as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be powerful.
  • You should be confident.
  • You need to move to the next level of your life.
  • You need to fulfill the desires of your heart.
  • You need to understand death.

By Florance Saul
Dec 18, 2021