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The act of releasing or blocking negative energies which are harmful or not helpful.

Ex. Banishing the negative energies from a circle or tarot deck. Banishing is often used in conjunction with salt and the new moon. Releasing the energy from circle.

This term is sometimes debated as some groups will dismiss energies where others will banish them.

Banishing is the act of turning a member away from a coven – as in banishing a person from the coven usually due to unforgivable or malicious actions.

This is a permanent cutting of ties and is to not be done lightly and traditionally there is no recourse to come back to the coven. This is an act of BANISHMENT. Today the term is also used in forms and online witch groups as well when someone does something that is not conducive or tolerated by the online group.

They will banish them from the website, as opposed to simply kicking them off. In life and online this act is done as a way to remove them from the circle in order to avoid drama, chaos, or illegal actions that go against either the rules of the group or coven. In Wiccan groups one will be banished as well if they choose to practice ways that are against the Wiccan Rede.

Below is a protection spell that you can use to banish away bad situations, or clear the way when creating rituals.

Protection spell

This protection spell breaks all negative energy and possible black magic and curses in the home.

  • Red candle or offertory candle
  • White candle
  • St. Michael prayer card, statue and image (will need the St. Michael prayer regardless)
  • Clear quartz
  • St Michael oil
  • Psalm 91

Place the quartz between the red and white candle and image of St Micheal in front of candle like leaning on it or just in front of it. Use your left finger to anoint the candle from top to middle with the oil. Inscribe with a needle “protect me” on both candles - as you light the candles reside the psalm 91.

  • Then say the St. Michael prayer.
  • Let both candles burn down.

This spell needs to be complete during the day.

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012