Aura Occult

Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

The general energy field that surrounds a living thing.  The chakra aura that radiates the points of life around the body. Each layer of the aura has a different feel to it and serves a different purpose.

An electromagnetic that is a part of and surrounds every living thing in the universe.

Auras consist of magnetic energies and create an oval or egglike shape around a living thing encompassing the being in seven layers.

These layers are in correlation to one’s chakras (see – CHAKRA) and there are seven in total.

Each layer of the aura has it’s own frequency, however most of the time when viewing auras there is one dominant color or energy that is seen. As human’s, auras show our true nature, feelings, health, and emotions. The color of a person’s aura is in direct translation to their feelings and health at the time. An imbalance of the chakras or a physical or mental illness can lead to a stagnated or unhealthy aura.

Aura color significance: The color of the aura is indicates positives and negatives but is not limited to just one color only. Varying shades of color can mean different things such as a vibrant red can reflect an abrasive personality as the vibration of the color red is the most dense of the color. Generally people with these types of auras have a lot of tension and worry. However, a deeper more russet red will show a person with grit and determination, passionate, and with fiery (but not always negative) tendencies.

The ability to see an aura can be learnt. An aura is a cascading colour and is a representation of magnetic energy fields.

If we look back in history there are various theorists that have claimed that one can LEARN to see an aura. We can, if we put our mind to it positively see auras. The first recording of an aura is in Northern Italy where there are carvings in rock. This rock shows a figure with a circle round the body. Additionally, fire around the head. These images are most likely to be people’s auras. In the Bible auras mentioned when Moses was holding the 10 Commandments. The followers mentioned that his face shined and he was covered within white light from heaven. We can also associate aura’s with what we see on angels such as halos. The first book on auras was by Hildegard von Bingen in 1179. Prior to this, there were many writings on a white light surrounding humans but not describing the actual aura itself.

Paracelsus in 1541, a Swiss alchemist made an important description of the aura. In many of his books he associated the aura with a globe of fire. It is very important to note that he described the aura as being a sphere that surrounds a human being - that can to be seen from a distance. He concluded that there will rays of light around every human being. The most important element within his writings were the fact that we were able to control our aura and actually protect it.

Fast forward, to 1644 approximately 100 years after the original writings of Paracelsus a man called Johann Baptista van Helmont tried to analyse the aura. He concluded that human beings had a natural magnetic field around them known as “Magnale Magnum.”

He believed that this was essential for healers, in that the healing should be focused on smoothing the aura and helping the aura move into different colours. He also found that many people see auras, and what he described as a magnetic field.

A book was later published by an English doctor in 1908, Dr Walter J Kilner. He carried out a number of experiments in the visualization of aura’s using many people. Interestingly, those tested could actually see the aura’s but some people couldn’t. He later did an experiment with a substance called Dicyanin. Interestingly after taking the substance (which made people become temporarily shortsighted) the Dicyanin meant that the radiation around the human being was seen in an ultraviolet way. By using the Dicyanin, one was able to see different parts of the aura.

There is a type of photography known as Kirlian Photography which is suppose to provide a photograph of the aura, where people can see the energy and magnetic fields. Many psychics can view the aura though the naked eye, without photography. When looking at an aura, we can not only see colors but also symbols or someone else soul if they are close to that person.

When people have made love they are so connected that they share the same aura. The colour of their aura is associated with how connected they both are. We call this the auric field. In essence, people can merge their electromagnetic energy if connected for some time physically. In the material world everything is connected to the electromagnetic fields. These can be changed depending on what is in the room. Such as healing stones, crystals or magnets.

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012