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An augury is a form of ancient divination which was practiced by ancient Rome by priests, which were referred to as augurs. An augury is basically a sign of something happening in the future. This is a sign of what is in store.

There was the interpretation of auspices which is the movement of birds and the movement of animals. There was also the involvement of the interpretation of the significance of the lightning and thunder. The left or east side meant that the outcome will be favorable. It was a method of divination which was practiced in ancient Palestine and Mesopotamia.

In total there is five auspices

  1. Sign: Thunder: this was a popular auspice and was used to predict the future.
  2. Sign: Birds: the way birds fly was interpreted to uncover the future. Their singing was also reviewed.
  3. Sign: Birds feeding: eating patterns of chickens were reviewed. If food fell from a chicken’s mouth then this denoted that good luck will fall on the city.
  4. Sign: Sneezing, colds, stumbling: these auspices were categorised into all other signs that might be favourable or unfavourable.
  5. Sign: Animals: seeing certain animals would result in various interpretations. Seeing a black cat for example was lucky.

Tradition of Augury

It is a practice of prediction, premonition, and expectation. In the olden tradition, those who practiced this form of divination often used oracles. When it is practiced within religious circles, the practitioners are known as known as diviner's due to the fact that, what they use divine powers.

They normally refrain from practicing any wizardry or witchcraft since they have a feeling that they are beneficial to people around them due to the fact that that they predict the future through either divine or familial powers. At times, they change their powers by charging a small fee in order to reveal the future of those who are seeking their services. The society where they live hold them in high esteem due to the fact that, they are able to tell them about what the future holds.

Those that use Augury

Witches in most cases work in the dark. During the daytime, they look like ordinary people and can easily socialize with other people. When it is at night, they convert themselves into beings that possess supernatural abilities. They use all sorts of paraphernalia to practice their craft. They are able to gain entrance into people’s houses without opening the door, making them to be likened to spirits of the dead. Their work is to use negative energies to torment people by bringing bad luck in their lives. In terms of augury in witchcraft we see many tools used to predict the future.


It is a term which designates both the witches and the wizards. Sorcery pleasures in displaying the phenomenal of what they can do in the public domain with the aim of deceiving people to believe that their powers are great. They lie to people the source of their power with some saying that their power is from the divine, thus making them to entrust them with their problems. They normally freely interact with people, both during day and night time.


They are alike to witches with the variance being in the way they focus on the use of black magic. They can be likened to magicians due to the fact that, their main aim is to show mystical powers to the public. Their activities are done both during the day and at night with their schedules being regulated as they shy off from the public. They are normally cult and they belong to cults which profess evil deeds. These types of people are mostly found in European and western countries, while witchcraft is mostly concentrated in third world countries.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 10, 2017