Unlock and understand astrology

The belief system where there are connections between the alignment of the heavens (including but not limited to: planets, the sun, the moon, and certain asteroids) and the earth, people, and times.  

So the first question is what is astrology? Astrology is the investigation of the cycle’s of each planet’s which creates a template of events which can impact upon one’s life.  It works by looking at how the planets are associated to one another and different forces that come into play.  

Each of the planets have cycles subsequently a pattern of astrology.  By analysing these specific patterns one can predict future events.  Each cycle is associated with natural planetary cycles.  This enables us to learn what is in store  in our lives.  Will do this through analysing the universe and the patterns and cycles of various planets.  

Astrology has also been associated with the law of alchemy,  this law defines that each one of us contains an energy.  

Energy is somewhat repressed within us,  the cycles of planets from the astrological universe will ultimately help us choose predict our life events, lessons and problems.  The most important thing to consider in the law of alchemy and astrology is that we can never avoid some events because they are set in stone.  However, there are events that we can control and eventually we will have to recognise our potential while we live through these different planetary cycles in order to better live our life.

Moving on,  astrology also has an association with the “Law of beginnings.” This law states that at a specific time,  the starting point of life we embark on a life cycle which takes us beyond the universe on a spiritual level.  Every human being is born at a certain time, in a certain place.  during this time there is planet cycles that predict certain events in person’s life and also the personality of that person.  This is when the astrologist uses what is known as a birth chart.  As astrology is associated with the ketheric type of life it is therefore considered an important spiritual blueprint.  

Planet’s play an important function in reading somebody’s birth chart. All the other things in regards to the planet - on how planets respond to each other and the different cycles becomes obsolete and the most important aspect is that planets have a relationship that is built between each planet.  The planets are the most important aspect of astrology.  

Most people know their star sign and the general importance of the characteristics of the star sign. however, when it comes to understanding the planets and the different type of planet that will present  itself on one’s birthday  will find many people are still unaware.  When we understand what our star sign is we are really uncovering which planet was present at birth.  

Technically the sun for example is not a planet but a star on the moon is a satellite that orbits the Earth. That is why you don’t find the sun or the moon within astrology.  In some cases the sun and the moon are known as lights and at times this can be included in the term planets even though they are not. The planets very much like  musicians,  each planet is a lead singer at different times of the year, dresses in different outfits.  Moving on the “house,” is where everything is set. Taking the  hypothetical example of the planets being  likened to the musician the house would actually be the stage. Therefore, it would be extremely difficult to change the house but relatively easy for the planets to interchange  and be the lead singer in any particular time.  Hypothetically,  those two definitions for a zodiac house and planets in terms of astrology is  the scene.  Planets can also fall into many different elements.  Each planet is not always the same,  some planets play important roles in our lives.  It depends upon  one’s star sign where these planets were positioned at the point of birth.

There is a discussion on astrology of “"inner planets"” versus “"outer planets.”  The most important difference between the “inner” and “outer” is that the "outer planets" are only seen through a telescope and these include the following:  Uranus, Pluto and Neptune.  

For some reason Jupiter and Saturn are not normally included within these classifications.  Obviously, if the "outer planets" are viewed through a telescope the "inner planets" can be viewed through the naked eye.

The "inner planets" tend to rotate on a regular basis for example Saturn is the slowest planet within the solar system.  Saturn completes the cycle of the zodiac ever twenty nine years. Even looking back into the 1900s the life expectancy of people would only tend to be one cycle of the planet’s.

In our modern world people live a lot longer therefore, twenty nine years is considered relatively young.  as time progressed medicine improves we live with a longer life expectancy therefore, living through many planetary cycles.  The "outer planets" have cycles which are much longer than the "inner planets" for example Uranus takes on average eighty four years to move through its planetary cycle.  

Positively,  many people live over 84 years of age and therefore can possibly live through the whole Uranus cycle.  If we take Neptune it takes a whopping one hundred and sixty five years to complete a cycle. In comparison Pluto is known to take two hundred and forty eight years to cycle.  Therefore in astrology because of the length of cycles these planets within our birth chart normally report represent events that are going to happen.

Basically all these elements are put into place in order to understand your birth chart to what is a birth chart? A birth chart is an analysis of your life the possibilities that you have and also the talents.  it is associated with how you will be a better person in life. A birth chart will give you an overview of characteristics that you may be already aware of.  Astrology can also help you find solutions to problems,  ensure that you are on the right career path, give financial stability and ultimately help increase your communication and business skills.  Therefore, it is a great advantage to understand your birth chart.  In order to research for the astrology zodiac sections of I personally have read hundreds of magazines and books on astrology.  there are many associations connected to astrology with a huge amount of books that will help decode planetary traits for your birth chart.  

There is a question that has not been answered in most astrology books.  This question is around how astrology actually works?  Unfortunately, we have not yet found a definition.  astrology can forecast the potential trends of one’s life.  Therefore give you the best time to gamble, get a new job, or even to marry.

We have covered some complex elements in the first part of this article, let’s go back to basics. Your horoscope is normally given by an astrologer.  There are many ways that you can read your horoscope at any given time.  Online, in various newspapers or even apps.  This prediction is generally based upon your sun sign.  The sun sign is determined on the actual date of your birth. The sun signs are specifically designed to be amazingly true and can predict key personality traits.

Astrology can be viewed as a symbolic way to predict the future. Each planet which we covered in the first section of this article is associated with certain traits and characteristics of the individual.

Therefore, everything within an individual’s life is associated with their horoscope. Many people use the horoscope in order to improve their lives. There are certain areas where people would find predictions more interesting than others.  

If we look briefly at the language of astrology astrology is generally use the following terms:  the 12 signs of the zodiac, the 12 houses, aspects, and finally the 10 planets.  

The four elements are important in astrology.  In fact they actually make up the definition and meaning of astrology.  We all know there are 12 signs Zodiac which include:  Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.  

Each of these signs is 30° of a round 360° circle.  Many astrologers use numerical degrees which result in being able to translate these degrees into minutes and seconds.  Therefore one sign is 30°, one degree is 60 minutes and finally one minute is 60 seconds. This article is not to teach you how to do this chart but to give you a brief overview of how astrologers calculate a birth chart. So in conclusion, astrology is how the planet forces predict key characteristics of a person’s life, based on the date and time of birth.

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012