Astral Projection/Travel

Astral Projection/Travel

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The process of experiencing the astral plane through one’s astral body. Often this is akin to an OBE (see OBE) or spirit-walking.

Obviously it is not enough to just give a definition of astral projection.

In essence astral projections enables one to carry out the following. Firstly, to travel to the astral plane and experience different material world events.

Secondly, astral projection enables one to look at work such as healing from a different perspective. Finally astral projection enables somebody to meet and discuss beings and communicate with all things astral. So what do I mean by that? it is a way to investigate the behind the scenes analysis of problems which one can connect to reality. One can affect the astral levels in our reality - in order to better their lives and themselves.

What is the Astral Plane?

The process of experiencing the astral plane through one’s astral body. Often this is akin to an OBE (see OBE) or spirit-walking. If we look at our thoughts in what I'm going to refer as the material level, this is where we currently reside, we can make changes in the astral plane which will automatically counteract negative elements in the material world.  I know this might sound far-fetched but it does work. Making an astral projection can be somewhat difficult but ultimately the goals outweighs the time spent learning how to correctly project yourself into the astral world’s.

It is important to now touch on the fact that there are dangers within the astral world. We will cover these later on in the article. In summary the astral world will increase your awareness and influence your body to be healthier and bring about a better life for yourself. There are certain points on the body called chakras these are different levels of energy.

The chakra is how we can focus on astral projection. If the body is sleeping this is known as being passive, the physical body can project into the different vibrations before going to sleep.

It is important to note here that an out of body experience is rather natural, but being able to leave the physical body behind at will, requires teaching. There are great advantages of travelling through different vibrations which we have already touched upon. There are different worlds we can also enter such as going to a jungle, but not having the possibility of being eaten or bitten by a poisonous animal. The reason being is that one is not limited to a particular world and you are not really there in human or physical form.

The mind is there but the body is not.

Actual projection also enables you to participate in different areas of nature that interest you. There is the possibility of meeting other people who are travelling in the astral plane and also to have a conversation with them.

There is also another element of astral projection whereby you can travel just beyond the material world but not embark in the total astral world. This allows one to see more deeply into the elements of the material world. Following this people can then change things in the material world by going just beyond this world.

There are two more key elements of astral projection there is the “higher” level, which one can ensure change. Secondly, there is the possibility of learning more about spirituality. There are certain terms that are important within national production which will briefly touch upon. Firstly, the “higher” self, this is often referred to as a spirit and in qabalistic terms is known as neshamah.

Secondly, the mental body which the popular term is known as the soul. This is known as Ruach from the qabalistic. The human body as part of the material world, has both weight and dimensions. It is composed of physical elements. We breathe in this world and we eat in this world. We keep our bodies healthy and nutritious.

If we want to create something in our current material world we will use elements that have both weight and dimensions in order for our existence. Our bodies are really the vehicle of consciousness which is known as the astral body.

Defining the astral world is rather complex the reason being is that it contains so many different vibrations and atmospheres.

So in essence that is how you can benefit from this magical practice. There is one more thing that I want to mention. To make a change in the actual body one needs to ensure that the rational mind is also changed.

Dangers of Astral Projection

We discussed earlier some dangers in astral projection. Briefly we can go through these dangers.

When you find lucid dreaming becomes natural the astral plane that you may encounter is the lowest level. The fear of astral projection will move you into this astral plane. Here, there will be astral spiders, dragons, demons and negs. Being thrown into this astral plane in the first instance is rather worrying. Therefore, if you correctly train in astral projection then you will be sure to go to a decent astral plane - avoiding this lower astral plane!

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012