Major Arcana

What are the main cards in the Major Arcana?

The major and minor halves of the tarot. The major arcana are the dominant cards of the tarot, consisting of cards such as the Moon, The Star, or the Fool. There are 22 of these cards in most decks. The other half, the minor arcana, consist of the rest of the cards in the tarot, most often numbering as 56 cards and are the suit cards.

The Major Arcana Tarot cards are also called the trump cards. The major arcana forms the main core of the tarot deck's.

The major arcana represent's a way to non secular self-awareness and also illustrates the many stages we come across in life. In this way each card has a profoundly meaningful lessons in life. The major Arcana cards meanings demonstrate the dwelling of human awareness as well as holding the secrets of life. The more you understand about their symbolism, the much deeper your understanding of the items these people signify.

The Major Arcana cards may also represent Carl Jung’s archetypes. These constant of directing styles regarding influence which can be a natural part of human nature. They are styles that mark, show and symbolize measures in our psyche where we all try to become a well balanced and also incorporated particular person. Alongside this kind of quest, we come across difficulties, deal with adversity, perform labors, help make hard choices and battle opposition causes. Every step of the way provides all of us nearer to enlightenment. This is often called your way of the Deceive.

The list of the major corner consists of the following 22 cards:

List of the major arcana:

None (0 or 22) The Fool
1. The Magician
2. The High Priestess
3. The Empress
4. The Emperor
5. The Hierophant
6. The Lovers
7. The Chariot
8. Strength
9. The Hermit
10. Wheel of Fortune
11. Justice
12. The Hanged Man
13. Death
14. Temperance
15. The Devil
16. The Tower
17. The Star
18. The Moon
19. The Sun
20. Judgement
21. The World

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012