Angel Number 3 – Meaning and Symbolism

Do You Keep Seeing Number 3?

Why Do You Keep Seeing Number 3?

What does it mean to keep seeing angel number 3? Numbers are very important in the bible, for the number 3 to keep appearing the ascended masters (such as Jesus) are near to you. If you see angel number 3 over and over again, they have responded to your wants and desires and the angels wish to help you. 

  • The angel number 3 is a prime number
  • The angel number three is a triangular number consisting of three sides.  
  • Tri means three. 
  • The letters  F N Y Z A H K are all made up of three lines. 
  • If we look at a triangle it consists of 3 points. 

The angels are telling you that the triangle is an angelic sign that there will be 3 positions that you need to face which is shadowed in mystery, let's take the Bermuda Triangle as an example. There are three areas of this triangle. The twilight zone, the hoodoo sea, and finally the devil’s triangle. This is the port of missing ships. There are so many things that are odd about the Bermuda triangle that it is really an unsolved mystery. This is true for the angelic number 3, what is a mystery in your life right now? What three situations are you debating on? 

Who is your Guardian Angel?

Angels can take many forms, usually appearing as human or a white glowing light or you can see this in people’s auras. According to the bible, we all have a guardian angel who is with us through our own birth to death and stays at our side. The Gospel affirms this and there are many scriptures to support this. When numbers appear over and over they are connected to messages from our guardian angels. In the bible, Saint Augustine, Ambrose, John, and Gregory have stated that there is a guardian angel for all of us protecting us in life. As we grow into adults the Guardian angels reassure us they are thereby numbers. 

In the Greek language “angel” means “messenger” so I mentioned this because your angels are trying to give you a message. Many believe that angels come when we ask them for help, and people use many tools to bring angels to them, such as lighting a candle or praying and asking for help. 

Angels not only serve us but also god. They can appear when we ask for help finding something that we have lost, or need help emotionally. It is important to understand why your guardian angel keeps showing you the number 3 and what this can mean which I will detail below.

Angel Number 3 And Your Life

Anything you might have your heart set on, your guardian angel is reminding you that it may need all your determination and willpower and as I have said before Jesus is near (due to seeing the 3)  and you will face three choices or three problems. Humanity has studied and applied angel numbers ever since the 1800s, and there is something magnificent in the existence of the number 3’s. The number 3 normally appears to us when we need to do something. It is common to neglect the angel signs and completely overlook the ability behind significance of this number. By knowing and accepting Angel Numbers, we open ourselves approximately communication using the religious world.

Angel Number 3 And Manifestation

The number 3 is also associated with manifestation, which can appear by our angels in a series, like 3:33 on a clock. Whatever is going on inside your head, thinking about all your thoughts, visualizations, targets, and dreams, angel number 3 is focused on how you deal with completion. So when you notice an angel number 3 pattern, try to focus on what is important in life. 

I have sometimes found that angel number 3 can cause you to evaluate yourself to other people. When you notice the number 3 just about everywhere - it could be construed as being an angel-variety memory to be a reminder to enjoy the time that you have on this earth and focus yourself on your goals. The angel number 3 can alter your thoughts - depending on how many 3’s you see.

Angel Number 3 and Chinese Mythology

Angel number 3 is connected to our own vibrations in life, if you keep seeing the number 3 then Threes are connected to “all” and how we focus on life. In Chinese mythology the number 3 is a triad, being the number of the whole as it contains the beginning, a middle, and an end. The power of three is universal and is the tripartite nature such as heaven, earth, and waters. The number three represents the human as body, soul and spirit. The symbol of 3 in regards to the triad or trinity it is associated with focus, integrity, and dependence. 

Angel Number 3 In The Bible

If we look at the number 3 in scripture this is associated with harmony and focused on God's presence and feeling complete. The angel number 3 is associated with the Holy Trinity: Abel, Enoch, and Noah. The book of the new testament has 27 books that are 3 x 3 x 3 and it is all about our connection with God.

In the bible, the number 3 represents harmony, completeness, and a new life according to the Hebrew language. In the bible, the number 3 appears in total 467 times. There are some interesting things that are connected to the angel number 3 that we can see in the angel number. In the bible, there are words that appear in threes. For example, the word "Woe" can indicate judgment. 

Jeremiah says the word "land" which is repeated three times. There were three gifts that Magi presents to Jesus in Matthew 2. Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. There are also three angels of Babylon and the 3 are connected to those of satan. 

Angel Number 3 A Deeper Meaning

To see a number 3 in phone numbers can mean completion of something important in life. When we look at angel number 3 and connect the attributes these come into life in a threefold manner.

I do feel that number 3 is a result of ideas and energies that form in magical, mysterious, and psychic universal laws. The angels are trying to give you any of the following messages, this could be one or more pieces of advice that I list as follows:

  • There are three problems or joys coming your way.
  • You will need to make 3 decisions. 
  • Try to communicate with 3 people and show empathy. 
  • There could be three people in a relationship.
  • A love triangle might present itself.
  • Focus on 3 goals in life.
  • You will be tested in three areas and will be forced to face the challenge. 

Why Do I Keep Seeing Angel Number 3?

Angel numbers appear when there is a message that you need to hear. Guardian angels are in our lives to help us obtain what we need in life in order to meet the goals that we have. Angels give to us directly and focus to accomplish our goals. As I have already said before the angel number 3 is connected to ascended masters and spiritual teachers, I have also read that angel number 3 is connected to having Jesus in your life. 

In some cases, the number 3 indicates the presence of other ascended masters from other spiritual realms. This includes saints, divinities, and also bodhisattvas. There is a focus also on the goddess presence and moon cycles including female spirituality.  

Angel Number 3 And Love

The number 3 is connected to love triangles and patterns of love. Angel number three gives you a union but it means it might be an unhappy one. In this world, we cannot force people to do things and if you see angel number 3 appearing time and time again in connection with a lover it can indicate that your guardian angel is pushing you into another direction. There is a key message of loving and using affirmations but it is important to not focus too much on the relationship and more on yourself!

When someone is not complying with our wishes how do you get someone to do something? There are times that people are so emotionally undone is not giving them the attention that they need. They are angry and feeling terrible the next. Then we hear the word "love" keep popping up when this angel number is around us - does it mean we actually love someone? No one said that love is not heartbreak-free. Let's see the difference between love and not getting your way. The angel number 3 can indicate a love triangle I’m afraid to say. Maybe you know this or maybe not. 

The most important thing to remember is what is the mission statement about those you love. It could be that you do not know. Most concerns when someone is not doing something that you want is it because you love them or they are not doing what you want. We all have an "ego" and it can be bumped in the road. Chances are that you might not be feeling right, and attach this with Love, and the angel number 3 message in love is to take a step back and rethink if you are actually in love or not. That is the simple message.

How Do Angels Speak To Us?

Angels cannot speak with us directly. If we look at numerology and the connection of angel numbers they show such numbers to communicate a message. During the 1800s there was a book written by L. Dow Balliett. She published numerous publications that had a focus on Pythagoras’s hypothesis. This is where angel numbers originated from. She explained that phone numbers hold vibrations, sounds, and colors. Basically, she wrote that all beings and objects in the world carry spiritual vibrations.

Angel Number 3 and Numerology

Turning to numerology, it is believed that the vibrations are caused by the movements of subatomic dust, but scientifically we have seen little to no reports have been completed to accept or disprove this theory, and thus, Numerology has tagged a pseudo-science. Christianity possesses its own form of Numerology, nevertheless, it refuses to make use of the expression “Numerology” or as I am discussing here “angel figures.”

In the Christian religious beliefs, Numerology and angel numbers are an abomination in line with the Holy Bible. This is stated that in accordance with the Bible numerology is a method of divination that God detests.

Angelic Number 3 And Astrology

Jupiter is our solar system's largest planet and angel number 3 is ruled by Jupiter. The angels are associated with helping you understand that people and situations will change, the angels are telling you that you must understand the subtle nature of change and growth. 

This is quite powerful and the number 3 is underlying vibrational electricity connected to the number 3. In astrology, angel number 3 is symbolic of hard work and perseverance, among other things. Typically, those with an astrological pathway of 3 can get what they want, plus they won’t cease until it’s their own.

Angel Number 3 And Slowing Down For Peace

Once you enter into learning more about the angelic number three you may need to learn more about how this is connected to Karma. Once a spiritual process begins, if your own initiations are communicated to the spirit in a certain way, it opens up dimensions that would not have otherwise appeared. Angelically, it means you need to stop in life (if you are not spiritual) Often I find, that the angel number 3 appears when we need to slow down our pace. Due to the unequal parts of angel number 3, it can suggest that you will hold Karma close to your heart. Many people have a difficult time understanding that once you enter on your angelic path, you will hold a deeper understanding and everything will be clear - when you start to listen to the numbers but this is not always the case. If you think about your belief system and be somewhat single-track mind, then everything seems to be clear. But if you are genuinely on the angelic path and you do not heed the advice - nothing will be clear. Everything will be a blur. The faster you travel the more of a blur it becomes.

The faster you choose to go, almost everything is a blur and you also cannot consider what you are actually undertaking or working towards. If you want to enjoy life, you must go easy and slow. If you are in a hurry to reach your goals in life you do not learn the lessons. You are just moving too quickly. The angelic path is like this. If you are really on the angelic path, everything could feel like it is in turmoil all around you. But you are still going, so it is okay. Is this alright? If it is not alright, then stop for a moment and meditate.

Angel Number 3 Summary

It is important to be clear about what you want if the number 3 keeps appearing. Every seeker must always decide – does he or she want to just enjoy the journey of life or quickly race through things? Are you going too fast? Angel number 3 suggests that your desires can manifest and the angels will focus on helping you release your inner wisdom.


By Flo Saul
Jan 19, 2023